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Part 2: Episode 73 Self-Publishing on Amazon.com

How to Self-Publish a Book (Pt. 2)

Self-Publish on Amazon.com Step 1: Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Step 2: CreateSpace.com (On-Demand Printing) Step 3: ACX (AudioBooks Creation Exchange)

Competitors to Amazon in Self-Publishing

Apple iBooks Store Kobo Digital Life Barnes & Noble Blurb & Google Play to name a few.


There are 3 components of Amazon that I will introduce you to today that relate to self-publishing and they are:

Kindle Direct Publishing CreateSpace ACX

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

KDP is the e-book publishing side of Amazon that launched in 2007 and it is how you get your book to show up in the Kindle Store.

The service is completely free, but Amazon does take a 30% commission of all sales.

In 2010, there were 500,000 titles in the Kindle Store. There are now over 5 Million books.

Kindle Store: You can purchase books from the Kindle Store on any Kindle or Amazon Fire Device or through Amazon.com in a web browser.

Step 1: is to create an account and profile on Kindle Direct Publishing using your Amazon login and I suggest you do this step as soon as you make the decision to write a book and just start exploring and learning about the process.

Add Tax info, Bank Account, Title of Book, Verify the Rights

Next is CreateSpace:

Createspace is owned and operated by Amazon and is on-demand printing of your Amazon eBooks.

CreateSpace will print your book for you on-demand for a fee + commission of approximately 40%.


Step 3: Create an account on ACX or Audiobook Creation Exchange.

This service also owned by Amazon enables you to turn your digital book into an audiobook.

Where will audiobooks be sold? OAmazon, iTunes and Audible, which is now owned by Amazon. How much do Narrators or voiceovers get paid on ACX?

3 options of payment: Hourly rate (approximately $225/finished hour) Royalty-Split (50% of all royalties) Combination of Hourly + Royalty

One hour of audio according to ACX is approximately 9,300 words Takes most narrators 6.2 hours on average to finalize one hour of audio Now for a Self-Publishing Recap or Overview:


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