Ep70: The 2017 Roadmap Show

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Setting the Tone for 2017:

Simplicity and my version of Minimalism. Clutter-free physical & mental environments Selling off stuff I do not use Giving away clothes I have not worn Cleaning out junk drawers Organizing & Backing up Hard Drives

Tip: Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell stuff.


means contentment, satisfaction but it also translates to being totally satisfied and not desiring anything other than the fundamentals and doing one’s best and accepting the result’s of one’s efforts.

Business Priorities for 2017:

Generating Income & Marketing my Services:

Brainstorm sessions for creative entrepreneurs & small brands WordPress caretaker & concierge Photoshop concierge Website Installs Google Apps for Work Install


Add content and continue to build up this side project

Tutorials & Classes:

More videos & classes for YouTube, Skillshare & Personal Sales


Will continue to be Big priority Live streaming & Video creation will continue to increase. Improve my video editing skills and workflow Create a simple promo video about me and my services. Do more off the cuff videos and motivational style videos

Social Media Priorities:

Instagram Facebook Linked In Pinterest

Live Streaming on Insta & Facebook will be consistent and often


Continue Medium on a regular basis Also post to LinkedIn & PodToolkit


My book will be written in 2017

What will I be creating and how often?

I’m keeping it simple but upping my content game.

Podcast & Newsletter will still be 1 per week. Tutorials & YouTube Posts up to 2 per week. Blog, LinkedIn & Medium.com Articles up to 2 per week. Social Media Including Instagram 7 days per week Live Video on Insta or Facebook: 3 times per week

Classes on Skillshare: 3 Total My own class to market and sell: 1 Book: 1


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