Types of Microphones

Dynamic microphones are considered the standard in broadcasting and radio. Tend to be gain heavy.

Condenser microphones tend to be very sensitive to room noise and other unwanted noise like breaths and lip smacking and require phantom power typically.

Connection Types

USB microphones attach directly to your computer. Simple and easy and usually recommended for people just starting out as they work right out of the box.

XLR microphones are considered the pro connector and found on most higher end microphones. XLR require either an audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 which is what I use or a mixing board.


Popular Podcast Microphones:

Dynamic Mics:

1. Shure SM7B
2. Heil PR40.
3. Electro Voice RE20.
4. Rode Procaster.

Condenser Mics:

1. Rode NT1-A.
2. Audio-Technica AT 2050
3. Audio-Technica AT 2020
4. MXL-990

USB Mics

1. Rode Podcaster
2. Blue Yeti & Blue Snowball
3. Audio-Technics AT2100
4. Samson C01U

iOS Mics:

1. Rode SmartLav+
2. Shure Motiv Line


For a complete list of microphones that I use and recommend go to mikemurphy.co/resources.

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