Topic: Holidays & Happy New Years to you.

In today’s episode, I glance back at 2016 to help me prepare for a big 2017.

Flash Back to 2015:

Big wins for 2015: 1. realizing teaching motivated me in a big way 2. I discovered my voice and really discovered my strengths and weaknesses 3. The big tangible win of 2015 was launching a podcast.

2015 was the year of self-awareness. for me and Understanding my strengths and weaknesses really helped me shape the 2016 Roadmap.

I was right on the money in 2015.

The 2016 Roadmap Priorities were:

Get better & Podcasting & Audio Production. Check.

Writing scripts is still not much fun for me, but the rest of it is smooth sailing.

Become a better teacher.

I feel very confident in my teaching ability and I think it is because I produce content at a very consistent pace. I practice most everything I teach so the more skilled I become the better I become as a teacher.


Room for improvement, but I made some solid and long-term connections in 2016. I keep small circles, so all good here, but need to spread my wings a little more in 2017. I have a tendency of putting my head down in work mode. I need to reciprocate and acknowledge hard work of others.

Establish myself as an authority.

The more I create and do live streaming and podcasting, the more authoritative I become. I know what I’m talking about and believe it. I’ll never rest on my laurels and will always learn and practice, so this will be an area of strength for me.

Growing email list, building community and driving website traffic.

Did a poor job in this area. Kind of on purpose since I did not really have an offer of value for signing up other than notification of each new podcast.

Repurposing Content.

I did better in this department, but really need to tear apart all of my podcast episodes and repurpose. I have a ton of good Evergreen content and it’s not being seen.

Performance Review:

The 2016 Content Goals: Did I hit my content goals?

One Podcast per week. Yes. Have not missed an episode since September 25, 2015

One Newsletter per week. Check. No sweat. One Blog Post Per Week: Sort of. Between posting weekly episodes to blog and over 80 Medium articles, I practiced writing quite a bit.

One tutorial per week. Yes. I made over 100 videos and while not all traditional tutorials, they were all to teach.

Three Classes on Skillshare. Yes! I wanted to do 12, but fell short by a lot.

Bonus: Publish Everyday Yes!! 450 days straight and still counting on Instgram and more.


2016 was tough in a good way.

I pushed myself really hard. Especially Creatively, but the overall consensus was a big thumbs up .

I was very determined and driven to keep moving forward and to keep learning and to keep creating.

My tagline is Learn, Create, Move Forward and it really is perfect for me because that is what motivates me.

2016 was the year of Fearless Creativity and Drive & Exposure.

Next episdode: 2017 Roadmap

Happy New Years.


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