Episode 66 is an introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps

What are the Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps and how can they help your creativity and workflow for your podcast, brand and online business?

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What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC is a bundle of creative software applications like Photoshop and Illustrator and Premiere Pro and Audition.

Pricing Pay one price of $49.99/month for all programs Pay $19.99 for a la carte programs Pay $9.99 for The Photographer Bundle that includes Photoshop, Lightroom & Bridge.

Education discounts available

CC Libraries

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries are nothing more than a Drop Box for anything you want access to across all of the programs for the most part. In the past if you were designing a marketing piece you had to go find your logo and colors and all of your branding assets.

With CC Libraries you can store them all in one folder that shows up in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc and you just drag them into your project. You can put almost anything in there such as photos, vectors, brushes, patterns, color swatches. Really a time saver and so is creating on your iDevices, so let’s go

Adobe Mobile Apps

The Main Categories: Design & Illustration Video or Visual Storytelling And Photography and Creative Imaging

Two Standalone Apps to start with:

Adobe CC App: The Creative Cloud App gives you access to all of your libraries and everything you create in the mobile apps.

Adobe Capture: Words can’t describe how awesome Adobe Capture app is. It’s magical. Take a picture of anything and turn it into a vector illustration or a texture or pattern. Open up Illustrator and your creation is waiting for you. Incredible tool for creativives.

Design & Illustration

There are 3 in this category I use two of these all the time and those are:

Adobe Draw for Illustrator The tool I use to draw all of the product images I use in my videos, etc. is Adobe Draw. Love it

Photoshop Sketch: Sketch is an Awesome painting and sketching app with tons of pencils, brushes, markers…Similar to the popular painting app, ProCreate.

Big Side Tip here: If you are into digital painting or starting to learn, go check out Kyle Webster Brushes. Awesome

Adobe Comp which if you use inDesign or design websites, you need to check out this incredible app. I do a lot of layout work and this app is not one I’m in all the time, but it is pretty remarkable what is capable with this app. That is Adobe Comp.

Video or Animation:

Spark Apps

Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Video.

Adobe Spark Page allows you to create a story about your brand or podcast on a web page using video and images and text. You simple supply the words and images and Adobe Page does all the magic and you have a cool webpage you can send people to in minutes. Have you ever wanted to create an intro video about your podcast? You could probably do it in under 10 minutes with Page. Yup

Adobe Spark Post. If you create images with text or quotes, this is the app for you. It is similar to Canva in that the app has really awesome typography and pre-designed templates and you just add in the text and get the design how you want and share to social media. Like all of the apps, what makes it so good is you always have access to your Creative Cloud folders.

Adobe Spark Videoo allows you to create animated stories in minutes. Choose from templates or create your own. Like Page, you just have to supply the text and images and the app converts it to a video for you to share.

Adobe Premiere Clip which I mentioned in Ep 65 the premiere show, but Premiere clip allows me to create and/or edit video on my iPhone or iPad. Video can be a pain, so if I can make a video using my iPhone and add a soundtrack and some cool transitions in a matter of minutes, I’m all in and Premiere Clip does just that.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Fix


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