EP62: The Medium Show

What is Medium?
How do I use it?
How can it help your podcast or brand?

What is Medium?

Medium.com is a website where anyone can write articles of any length and on any topic. It is a cool combination of a blog, social media channel, online magazine and a self-publishing site, that is quite popular and used by many internet celebrities and big brands.

Facts & Figures:

Medium was launched in 2012
Developed by Ev Williams, who also co-founded Twitter and Blogger
Unlike Twitter’s 140 limits, Medium has no writing limit
Medium.com is getting around 40–50 million visitors per month

How Do You Use It?

Log in to Medium.com using your Twitter or Facebook ID
Customize your profile and personalize your bio
Click New Story and write away
To add photos and more, just go to blank space and look for little + symbol to appear.
Add Videos: You can add YouTube videos by pasting the YouTube url (link) anywhere and the video will appear.
To format text, simply highlight any text a dadd headlines, block quotes, lists, bold, italic and headlines and wrap photos inline with the text. All the usual word processing suspects.

The Social Network Part

-Clicking the little heart is Recommending A Story and it will turn green.
-Recommend is the Like button on Medium.
-Whenever you like a story, the author gets notified (which you can turn off, fyi),
-Every time you respond to a story, your response will show up on your main feed.

Other features:
Bookmarking your favorites
Creating Publications (like your own magazine)

Popular Topics on Medium:There are a wide range of topics, but very heavy in tech, design, entrepreneurship and lifestyle and self-development.

So How and Why Do I Use Medium?

-Medium has become my online newspaper or magazine.
-Subscribe to topics that interest you and get articles delivered to your inbox.
-I use it to write and build up my writing muscle.
-Build up some exposure for my brand.
-Establish my authority for podcasting and content creation.

So How Can Medium benefit you as a podcaster and content creator:

Medium can be used like any other social media channel for promotion and marketing, but it has a more adult or thought leader feel to it, so it is a great place to real stand out in your topic area as someone who really knows their stuff.

  1. More exposure for published content. You can write articles directly on Medium or do what a lot of people do and keep writing on your own blog and simply copy and paste to Medium and just link back to your blog. It’s simple and quick to do and you can get in front of more eyes. Be sure to add imagery and videos as Medium is also very visual.
  2. Start a Publication on Medium. Medium allows you to create publications which is really just a way for you to curate your own specialized newspaper on your niche or topic you want to be known for. This is a great method to build brand authority and collaborate with others.
  3. Teach. Medium is a great place for writing tutorials and how-to guides and it embeds videos like a champ, so if you are building your brand as an expert in something, Top 10 lists and the Ultimate Guides to podcasting and blogging and life are big on Medium, so flex your teaching muscles
  4. Network. Recommend and write responses frequently
  5. Write a book. No really.: There are several instances of people writing chapter by chapter on Medium. Pretty cool. Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword, so if you have a writing or book goal, Medium is a fantastic place to start.

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