Just how big is Facebook? What is Facebook Live? What equipment do you need to get started? What are some topics or ideas to get started with Facebook Live?

Facebook Facts:

There are over 1.71 billion active Facebook users every month Of those 1.71 Billion users. 1.1 billion users log in daily. 1.5 Billion use Facebook on mobile devices Mobile users check Facebook 15 times/per day Highest traffic is mid-week between 1–3 pm Thursdays and Fridays have 18% higher engagement than rest of week Interesting Fact: There are over 83 million fake accounts, so always pay attention and don’t fall for any scams. Tech Tip:If your email is sending people weird emails, I always start with Facebook and recommend changing your Facebook password right away. 600,000 hacking attempts happen everyday to Facebook accounts China is safe as they have blocked Facebook & Twitter since 2009. And the NY times in case you were keeping score 300 million photos per day on Facebook are uploaded. The average time spent on FB is 20 minutes 100 million hours of videos are watched per day on Facebook Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (200 million)—combined Trivia: The first face on Facebook was: Al Pacino Facebook: #1 Social Network YouTube: #2 Let’s get into Facebook Live:

What is Facebook Live:

Facebook Live allows any user to do live video broadcasts from their smartphone, tablet or from a computer, which does require an extra step. All of your followers will see your stream at the top of their feed. Video posts to your page Edit Title & Descriptions or Delete Tip: put phone in Airplane Mode to avoid ringing while streaming Call To Action: While streaming, the goal to is to get people to subscribe so they get notified when you go live and the more of an audience you build the more your eyes your brand gets in front of, so be sure to remind people to subscribe while watching.

What equipment do you need to get started with Facebook Live?

iPhone there is a live icon front iPad, you will see the option to go live under by click the Status Computer: OBS Software Wirecast VMix Mobile: Sidekick 360 Manfrotto Pixi Rode Smartlav+ Rode VideoMic Go Rode VideoMicMe Extension cable for Rode Smartlav+ Lighting: LumeCube Manfrotto LumiMuse LED

FaceBook Live Ideas:

Promotion: Podcast, or website or blog, product. Talk about a guest or key points from your podcast or a new blog post….Do it in a way that helps them. Daily vlog. Take people along in your day or maybe share quotes or personal moments. This is a great way for some people to build high levels of likability and trust. Maybe you are on a fitness or weight loss journey, do a daily weigh in or something like that. Behind the scenes. What are you working on, what is your office setup. People can not get enough bts. Tips and Tricks or News: share a daily tip or some tech news or something you think people will find useful. Product Reviews or Demonstrations: Unboxings would work or demonstrate how to use a product you sell or an promote affiliate products. Q&A: You can either compile a bunch of questions beforehand or send out some posts letting people know to show up at 4:00 pm with questions on podcasting, etc. AskMikeMurphy

My strategy:

I am setting up a daily Trivia & Tips from The Podshed. Plus Q&A and behind the scenes of making stuff


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