10 Ways To Make Money Online

1. Tutorial Sites

Make classes and tutorials and sell them on online education sites. Pros: Websites are built to help you succeed and they handle the technology, hosting, some promotion and the financial transactions. You get paid a percentage of the sales. Cons: You share the profits on Skillshare. Udemy often sells your class with big discounts.

Popular Sites:



Www.teachable.com (formerly Fedora)

Mike’s classes on Skillshare/Udemy (first internet dollar!):

1. Photoshop: The Art of the Headswap

2. WordPress for Entrepreneurs

2. Self-Hosted Courses

Classes & Courses sold on your own platform/website

Pros: 100% profit

Cons: 100% responsibility for launch, creation, technology, promotion

Education Platforms for self-hosted courses:






3. Podcast Sponsorships

Advertisers are recognizing the popularity of podcasts and advertisers want in. Sponsorships take time and like everything else the more downloads, the more likely sponsors will come knocking. It also helps if you have a niche to attract sponsors. John Lee Dumas from EOFIRE.COM has been making about $100K per month in sponsorships because he guaranteed over 1 million listens per month and he is 7 days/week, but that’s not too shabby.

The Ultimate Guide To Sponsorships

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing for products and gear on your website is a great revenue generator and how I plan on maintaining my monthly fees for running my site and podcast. Affiliate marketing is simply advertising products on your site and getting a small kickback if someone buys a product through your link. Your audience (the buyer) is not charged any extra than if they went to Amazon or wherever and purchased the gear directly.

Check out my resource page to see my affiliate links in action:


You can also create your own storefront on Amazon:







5. Guest Blogging

Get paid to write articles for other sites in your niche and link back to your site to build an audience. Everything is content marketing today and sites desperately need content, so guess blogging is in demand.

6. YouTube

YouTube ads revenue sharing. It takes time, but there is money to be made on YouTube and it is always changing.

7. Kindle eBooks (Amazon)

Write and sell Kindle ebooks. They usually sell for under $10, but this is a volume game and also a great marketing tool for you to build an audience. Selling ebooks on the Amazon Kindle store is not for everyone, but something worth checking into if writing is your thing.

8. ECommerce Stores

Create an e-commerce store:

Easy (Artsy stuff)

Shopify (e-Commerce store…anything)

*Gumroad (favorite)

Printful (T-Shirts)

9. Freelancing (Online)

Freelancing services (web design, graphic design) and offering your services such as Photoshop retouching, video or audio editing, graphic design or voiceovers.

Popular sites to offer services:




10. Coaching & Consulting

Offer your expertise to others. People need help figuring things out and coaching is a great form of income if you are a good teacher and want to to a personal coach to someone who needs your help or needs accountability.

11. Membership Sites (Bonus)

Create premium content for your audience and charge a monthly fee to access. This is a very popular model and will require you to produce great content and have a loyal fanbase, but this is something to keep an eye on.

Recommended Book: The Automatic Customer by John Warrilow

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