Ep56: The Adobe Audition Show


What is Adobe Audition & Why Do I Use It? In this episode #56: What is Adobe Audition? How Much Does it Cost? How do I use Audition for my podcast workflow? Do I recommend it for new or prospective podcasters?

The Podcaster’s Toolkit:

Stanley 31503 PowerSquid 5 Outlet Flexible Outlet Multiplier, Black Please Note: This is not a surge protector Resource Mentioned: I learned of this product from YouTuber Caleb Pike who has an excellent channel all about video.


Adobe Audition is a Digital audio workstation, more commonly known in the audio world as DAW or D-A-W. Audition CC is the latest version and it is the software I use to record and edit each podcast episode. Per Adobe: A professional audio workstation for mixing, finishing, and precision editing. Adobe Audition CC is used to Mix, edit, and create audio content with a comprehensive toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display. This powerful audio workstation is designed to accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing — and deliver a polished mix with pristine sound. . Alternative DAWs to Audition: Audacity (popular free audio editor online that is not as robust as a pro DAW) Garage Band comes free on every Mac and used by many podcasters Hindenberg Journalist Pro (browser based) Logic Pro X by Apple is the big brother to Garage Band Reaper Pro Tools is the big daddy of DAWs for musicians


Audition CC is included with the full Creative Cloud bundle for $49/month which includes every Adobe product, which I still believe is one of the best values on the internet if you are a creator at any level. Audition CC is available as a standalone product for $19.99/month as are most of the Adobe products. Tip: Give the full Adobe CC a test run with a free 30 day trial to try everything out and if Audition CC is all you need, you just saved yourself $30 bucks/month


Hardware Chain: My Shure SM7B microphone is plugged into my Allen & Heath Mixer. The mixer is my audio interface, which means that it allows me to get sound from my microphone directly into my computer because the mixer is connected to my computer using a USB cable. In the preferences of Adobe Audition CC: Set Audio Hardware Preferences Default Input & Output are mapped to my USB Interface CODEC (which is my mixer) Default Input: is the microphone or device going into Audition. Input…IN. What device do you want to pump sound record in Audition? Default Output: is the sound going out of Audition and your computer. Where do you want the sound to playback from? Headphones? Speakers? Computer Speakers? Mac Tip: Hold the option key and click on volume icon in top menu bar to set Input and Output for your Mac.

MY AUDITION WORKFLOW (The Simple Version):

For each podcast episode: 1. Create a master folder for each episode. Inside I have two folders: Audio & Artwork. 2. Open Adobe Audition 3. Set Default Output & Input if needed. 4. Create new blank audio file by going to File > New Audio File. 5. Popup: Add Title Sample Rate:44,100. Channel:Mono Bit Depth: 32-bit Float 6. Save 7. Side Tip: Hit option + i to show input levels of your microphone. Set levels between –18db & –9db. 8. When I am done recording, I save this Original File. In the Edit Menu, I select Copy to New and make a duplicate of Original to edit. 9. Edit Copy for mistakes or gaps and Save 10.Create MultiTrack Session Tip: audition cc allows you to create templates, so for me when I create a new multitrack session, I choose the Mike template and my intro and outro are in place and I just need to add my voice track and line it up. Since my podcast is roughly the same length each week, this is about a 2 second ordeal.

  1. Once the podcast is how I want it, I now use the new Audition CC Essential sound panel.
  2. Export MultiMixdown as.wav file.
  3. Use Match Loudness and make sure the file meets the Broadcast standards of –19LUFS for mono podcasts or –16LUFS for stereo

And that is the speedy version of my entire workflow in Audition.



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