EP54: The Business Show

Episode 54: is about starting a legal business entity
What is the difference between sole proprietorship and an LLC?
How much does it cost to legally start your business?
What can you do to set yourself up for success after your business is set up?

Learn the basics of starting a legal business.

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Work as many 25 minute blocks (pomodoros) until task is done.

Try out hipstersound.com if you want to test the cafe sounds in browser.

Episode 54.

What is the difference between sole proprietors and LLC’s?
How much does it cost to start a business?
What are some best practices to set your business up for longterm success?

Legal Entities:
There are basically two main options:
1. Sole proprietorship
2. Limited Liability Company or LLC

Sole Proprietorship
Sole proprietorship is the simplest and easiest way to start a business and the most common for freelancers and one man bands. There is no distinction between you personally and the business and you are entitled to all of the profits but personally responsible for all debts and liabilities.

Pros: Easy & Cheap
Cons: You and your personal property are responsible if anything goes wrong.

LLC or Limited Liability Company:
Hybrid between a corporation and partnership and one big difference between and LLC and a sole proprietor is the personal liability. My personal assets (savings, car, house, etc) are protected in most cases.

This is the option I have decided on. I will be A single member LLC


Sole Proprietor: $50–100
Paperwork to state not required
DBA/Fictitious Name (Doing Business As) so you can get an EIN number and apply for business accounts, etc: $50–100

LLC: $300 – 1000 (Using an attorney)
State Filing Fees: $150+
Lawyer: $200 +
Accountant: $100+

Note: My bill for the accountant was $110. He bills $220/hour and he charged me 1/2 hour to set everything up.

Operation Tips (Running a Business):

  1. Setup business bank account
  2. Hire bookkeeper or accountant
  3. Run everything through the business that is not personal
  4. Save every receipt. Input expenses and income into one ledger or program. Simple.
  5. Adhere to tax deadlines and pay annual fees as soon as bill arrives.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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