How To Record on Location (Part 2)

(Mobile Podcasting 101):
What Gear & Equipment is Needed
The Mobile Podcast Checklist
Post-Production Workflow

The Podcaster’s Toolkit:

Product of the Day:


$12 for 3-Pack
$22 for 6-Pack

It is basically super glue that you can mold into any shape and it sticks to most any surface. The main purpose is to fix and mend things, but there is all sorts of hacks and tricks of how people use it and some of the hacks are pretty interesting.

Here are some Sugru Uses (Lifehacker)

How I Used Sugru:
To fix and prevent Apple power cables from splitting open.
Made a hook to hang my Sony MDR–6506 Headphones on Side of Desk

The packets are the size of to-go mustard packets and handy for traveling or to have around the studio or house.


If you have a good resource or tip for podcasters or content creators to share, send it my way at, along with any questions, comments or feedback you have.

RECAP: Part 1:

Episode 48: The Golden Gate Show

Equipment Used:

Shure SM58 Microphone
Shure Windfoam
OnStage mini tripod
OnStage shockmount
Zoom H6 Handy recorder
Memory Card
4 AA Eneloop rechargeable Batteries
Apple Earbud Headphones
iPhone 6
Joby GorillaPod to record BTS video footage
9.7” iPad Pro for my script (Scrivener app is awesome, fyi)

Part 2:

Episode 50: The Beach-Cast Show
Location: Naples Beach, Florida

Disclaimer: I do not endorse recording on a windy beach. Today was because it’s #50 and I deserve it and for instructional purposes only

Goal of this series: To provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how to record in any situation with a minimal of tools and equipment needed. This is a great skill set for your podcast toolkit (in addition to Sugru).

Equipment Used in Episode 50:

The Gear:

Device: IPhone 6
Tripod Adapter for iPhone: MeFoto SideKick 360
Tripod: Manfrotto Mini Desktop
IOS APP: Auphonic.
Microphone: Audio Technica ATR2100 (Dynamic)
Accessories: Wind foam
Cable: Apple to USB3 Connector Kit
Headphones: Sony MDR–7506
Script: IPad Pro 9.7” (Scrivener)


Export from Auphonic to Dropbox
Import on Studio Computer
Edit on Adobe Audition

The Beach-Cast Checklist:

Make sure iPhone has storage space left for audio and behind the scenes needs
Put iPhone in Airplane Mode
Turn on Do Not Disturb
Charge iPhone To Full
Bring Backup USB portable chargers and cords
Bring stands or tripods


Check the input levels in Auphonic (Between –18 db and –9db).

Be prepared (water? Green apples?…)
Test the recording!
Have fun!


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