Ep 49: The Instagram Stories Show

What is Instagram Stories?
How is it different than Snapchat?
How Do You Use It?
How can podcasters and content creators benefit from it?

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Resource of the week:

Auphonic: Audio post-processing in the browser. Easy and high quality.

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The Podcast Engineering School Host: Chris Curran Ep21: Georg Holzmann (Auphonic founder)

Episode 49: The Instagram Stories Show

History Lesson: Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1Billion. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat on year later in 2013 for $3Billion. Snapchat said no thank you, Mark, we’re good Snapchat is now valued at over $20 Billion. Facebook (now valued at over $350 Billion) simply made it’s own Snapchat and called it Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is nearly identical to Snapchat

How To Use Instagram Stories

How To Add Your Camera Roll to Instagram Stories


Instagram vs Snapchat

Instagram: Easy to build audience Snapchat: Takes a lot of work

How To Use Instagram Stories:

Benefits of Using Instagram Stories Reach (Build an audience) Networking Brand Awareness Marketing products and services Establish yourself as an authority Teaching and helping others

Ideas to start?:

Be you. Behind the scenes of your business or workflow. Teach. Share valuable tips. Be a person of value. Be authentic and genuine. Keep it real. Don’t overthink, keep it simple.


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