Today’s episode is Part 1:
How to record a podcast on-location.

Ask Mike Anything:

Question: Do you have any favorite travel accessories that you never leave home without.

Answer: My number one priority when traveling is power. I pack my power cords, chargers and batteries very carefully. Here is my setup:

Portable Chargers:
Anker-Small $15
Anker-Large $40

Rechargeable AA Batteries:
Eneloop $20

Camera Batteries:
Wasabi Batteries for Canon t5i (2-pack) +Wasabi Canon Charger $20 (Incredible value)
Wasabi for Canon GoPro (2-pack) + Wasabi GoPro Charger $20 (Incredible value)

Why did I record in San Francisco?:

Reason 1: To Learn the ins and outs. Practice makes perfect.

Reason 2: Mobile podcasting & live streaming/broadcasting is the future.

Reason 3: One of my Why’s from Episode 22 (The Why Show) was to someday run a location independent business. I think it would be great to travel around and podcast from interesting locations. No rush, but it’s gonna happen in one form or another.

Why would you record on location?

Impromptu interviews or
Man on the street-style at events or trade shows or meet ups
CEO Interview at their location (or any business person)
RV Travel? (Who knows)

Gear I used to record Golden Gate Cast:

Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone $99
Shure Windscreen for SM58
OnStage mini tripod $15
OnStage shockmount $8
Zoom H6 Handy recorder $400
Apple Earbud Headphones

Other Gear Used:

iPhone 6
Joey GorillaPod to record BTS video footage
9.7” iPad Pro for my script
(Scrivener app on iPad is awesome, fyi)

Challenges of mobile/location recording:

Wind & Ambient Noise!
Carrying & Organizing Gear
Power & Charging


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