Ep47: The Summer Playlist Show

What are my top 7 podcasts that am I listening to this summer?

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What app do I use to listen to podcasts? What speed to I listen to podcasts on? What are my current Top 7 podcasts that I listen to every week? Podcatcher Apps I Use: Overcast Apple Podcasts Speed I listen to podcasts: 1.5 x 2 x 2.3 x with Smart Voice (Overcast)

Mikes Top 7 Podcast Playlist for Summer 2016:

1.Profit, Power Pursuit: Parent Company: CreativeLive.com Host: Tara Gentile Description: Tara Gentile is a successful blogger, creative entrepreneur, coach, author and she interviews other successful businesses in her space and goes behind the scenes of the tools and resources they use and how they are generating income. 2.The Chase Jarvis Live Show: Parent Company: CreativeLive.com Host: Chase Jarvis, Founder & CEO of CreativeLive.com Description: Podcast version of 30 Days of Genius in which Chase interviews 30 highly successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ariana Huffington, Brene Brown, Marie Forleo and more… 3.99% Invisible Host: Roman Mars Description: A podcast about design that is everywhere in our lives most importantly where we stop noticing it. This is a storytelling podcast that is entertaining and interesting. Mike’s Recommended Episodes: 219: ’Unpleasant Design’ 130: ‘Holdout’ 4.Revisionist History: Host: Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink & Outliers. Description: Storytelling podcast that looks at a person, place or event in history that was missed or misunderstood and he picks it apart. Very smart and entertaining podcast. Mike’s Recommended Episodes: Episode 04: ‘The Big Man Can’t Shoot’ 5.The Way I Heard it. Host: Mike Rowe (from the TV show, Dirty Jobs) Description: Under 8 minute podcast that reverse engineers a story about someone you recognize from pop culture, politics or in history that has an interesting back story and he reveals the person at the end of the story. Clever, simple and light entertainment. Makes me smile. 6.Podcast Junkies. Host: Harry Duran Description: Podcaster interviewing other podcasters who are passionate about podcasting and life and business. Harry’s interview style is laid back, but the conversations are candid, honest and authentic. I love the positive vibe and inspirational undertones of the host and guests. Zen-like and refreshing are how I describe this podcast. 7.The Freelancer. Host: Paul Jarvis, freelance web designer Description: Very short (7 minutes or less) podcast for solo creative entrepreneurs. Paul gives advice to creatives who want to up their game. Edgy and a bit cynical, but the message is good.

More Podcasts I Listen To:

$100 MBA Ask Gary Vee Entrepreneur on Fire SeanWes Podcast Side Hustle Nation The Cliff Ravenscraft Show The Podcast Dude The Podcast Engineering Show The Podcast Method The School of Podcasting The Showrunner The Tim Ferriss Show Tiny Desk Concerts



Mind Drippings by Doug Salamone: A show about human ingenuity and the drive to disrupt conventional thinking in business design and life Plugged In by Luke Dancy A podcast that focuses on mindfulness and good vibes. What more could you want? Home Gadget Geeks by Jim Collison All about tech gadgets Shots of History by Cody Wheat The history of alcohol JPEG to Raw by Mike Howard A Photography Podcast

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