The Podcaster’s Emergency Toolkit

5 ways for you to prepare yourself and your business for unexpected events or even emergencies.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

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Question: Is there a way to tell if someone you are following on Snapchat is following you back?

Answer: The answer is yes.

1) If you are watching someone’s story and you see the option to flip up and Chat at the bottom of the screen, then they are following you.

2) If you see SnapScore (numbers) on person’s profile, they are following you


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The Emergency Toolkit Components

5 areas for you to start thinking about:
1. Protecting Your Gear & Security
2. Backup Plan
3. Asset Managment or Inventory
4. Password Management
5. Banking

1. Security

The Canary Surveillance Camera
Motion Detector LED lights by Mr. Beams

2. Backup Plan.

Google Drive/Dropbox
External Hard Drives with Time Machine &
Cloud Backup (Backblaze, Crashplan or Carbonite)

Step 1 (Backup):
Start with Google Drive and Dropbox. Put all of your documents and small stuff that you’ve carried around for years like Taxes, PDFs, Copies of your Drivers License, Passport, Health Insurance Card.

Step 2 (Backup): Two Local External Hard Drives with Time Machine on one of them. I always use two hard drives and I am a fan of Lacie and Other World Computing hard drives. I also have had good luck with Western Digital and G-tech drives.

Step 3 (Backup):
Mike’s Cloud Storage Backblaze,

Other Cloud Storage Options:

3. Inventory (Asset Management)

IPhone App: Sortly

4: Password Management


5: Banking.

Rainy Day Savings Plan
Batch record podcast episodes

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