The 10 Step Workflow:

1. Verify:

Check to make sure episode is live in iTunes and in my Podcast app. Tip: Subscribe to your own show You can fix typos or replace audio files

2. Organize & Setup Framework

Set up WordPress blog post Create episode Artwork in inDesign Replicate newsletter template in Mailchimp

3. Social Media Marketing

Use Bufferapp in Chrome to send to Facebook, Twitter and G+

4. Exercise & Breakfast

Very important part of my workflow!

5. Script Writing

See Episode 40 for more on my scripting process Pomodoro Timer App ($2.99)

6. Social Media Maintenance and Correspondence

Re-Buffer the morning posts and respond to any correspondence or ‘Likes’…

7. Recording & Editing

Using Adobe Audition (New updates are awesome!

8. Tagging & Uploading

ID3 Editor Libsyn

9. Show Notes & WordPress Scheduling

I prepare show notes partly in Scrivener, but mostly in Byword (a multi-markdown writing app)

10. Newsletter & Topic Curation


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