Ep41: The Hardware Show

What equipment and gear do I use to record this podcast?
What do I recommend for one man band and content creators in the planning stage of starting a podcast or ramping up content creation.

Ask Mike Anything Question

Question: Can I use green screens with my Logitech c920 webcam when I make screencast tutorials?

Answer: The answer is yes. The basics of green screening or chroma keying can be found in this B&H Video:

How To Use A Green Screen

Screencasting Software

The Basics: Audio Chain

XLR Cables
Cloud lifter or Fethead1
Audio Interface (Mixer or Audio Interface)
Interface to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Microphone Terminology

Dynamic Microphones (recommended for podcasting):
Dynamic microphones are widely used in broadcasting and podcasting because they are very good at only picking up sound right in front of them and rejecting all the unwanted sounds in the room. Do not require phantom power, but often ‘gain hungry’

Condenser Microphones: more sensitive, pick up more ambient or room noise. Requires phantom power.

**UPDATE** The Audio Technica ATR2100 increased to $79.99 on Amazon in the past 2 weeks!! This microphone used to sell from $35-50. It has become so popular with new podcasters that the price has skyrocketed.

Audio Technica ATR2100
Shure SM58
Shure Beta 58A
Rode Podcaster
Rode Procaster
Electrovoice RE–320
Shure SM7B
Heil PR–40
Electrovoice RE–20

Condenser Microphones (more sensitive, pick up more ambient or room noise):
Many USB microphones & Shotgun Microphones
Blue Yeti
*New: Shure Motiv Mics


My Microphone:
Shure SM7B

Boom Arm:
Rode PSA–1

Gain Booster:
Triton Fethead

XLR Cables:
Canare XLR Cables

Allen & Heath Zed 10 USB (Main interface)

Audio Interface:
Scarlett 6i6 (My backup)

Sony MDR–7506

MacBook Pro Retina (13”)

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
Adobe Audition

Microphones (My recommendation is Dynamic)

1: Good budget mics: Under $100

Audio Technica ATR2100
Shure SM58
Shure Beta 58A

2: Mid-Budget Range: $2–300

Rode Podcaster
Rode Procaster
Electrovoice RE–320
Audio-Technica AT875R

3:Higher Budget $300+

Shure SM7B
Heil PR–40
Electrovoice RE–20



Microphone Comparison Resources
Fizzle Microphone Shootout
Marco Arment Mega Review


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