Ep40: The Script Show

Why do I write a script for my podcast and what is my process?

In this episode #40, what are the benefits of writing a script for my podcast and what does my process look like?

Today’s Ask Mike Anything Question came from a Facebook group?

Question: When I launch my podcast and submit it to iTunes, will my podcast automatically be distributed to all of the other podcast directories?

Answer: The answer is no. You must submit your RSS feed manually to each podcast directory you want to be in. You only have to submit the RSS feed one time.

Popular Directories:
Google Play

Resource Mentioned:
Podcast Places

Bottom Line:
You only have to submit your RSS feed one time to each directory and then each new episode you publish, the RSS feed updates each directory for you automatically. Kind of like magic. Got it? Good.

Benefits of Writing A Podcast Script

  1. Preparation. In order to write a script, I have to do my homework and research first and figure out what subject matter I want to teach or explain. By the time I finish writing the script, I know the material inside and out, so I am really prepared when it comes time to record which leads me to the next pro:
  2. Recording Time: Because I work off a script and rehearse as I write, recording time is much more efficient because I am ready and prepared so there are few umms and aahs.
  3. Knowledge & Authority: Writing a script helps me learn the information I am teaching on a much deeper level because I put a lot of thought and preparation into making sure each podcast is clear, concise and that it makes a point.
  4. Writing: I am a better writer and teacher because of my podcast. For those of you who do not know my background, I was an English major in college because I was a terrible test taker, but I could write. Writing my podcast script has forced me to develop a completely new style of writing and one that is very technical and organized.
  5. Repurposing Power: Use podcast scripts to write blog posts, Medium articles, tutorials, vlogs, and #1 on my bucket list, writing a book.

Tools I use to write my script?

Scrivener is my writing tool of choice
Byword is the multi-markdown tool I use to format show notes.

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