Steps to launching Mike Murphy Unplugged podcast:

Today I am going to share with you the basic steps required to start a podcast.

Steps To Launching A Podcast

  1. Planning
  2. Graphics & Assets
  3. Production & Tagging
  4. Media Hosting
  5. RSS Feed Creation
  6. Submitting To Podcast Directories
  7. Marketing


  1. Planning

Start Date: Pick a date to give yourself a goal. My advice is to give yourself at least 4-6 weeks and even more time if you plan on having an interview show. I launched Mike Murphy Unplugged in one month, but I could have used a couple of more weeks. You know yourself best, but picking a start date will help you #moveforward.


Show Planning (very important):

What is your show about?

What value will you be delivering to your listeners? Knowledge, humor, insights….

What is the format? Just you? Interview? Co-host?

What is the frequency?  Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Be consistent.

What is the show length (approx). 10 minutes, 30 mins, hour?  Be consistent

Who is your audience? This is a biggie. You may not really know at first, that’s ok.


Tip: When recording podcast, pretend you are speaking to one person, not an entire audience. Most people


  1. Graphics & Assets:

Website:You need a home for your podcast. Divi by ElegantThemes.com is the best WordPress theme I have used to date and I highly recommend.

Podcast Cover Art: This is very important. You might want to outsource it. Fiverr.com is an option and there are many others who design podcast cover art.

Music (Links in shownotes): I like Incompetech.com, Audio Jungle, Audio Blocks.

Sound Effects

Voiceover Intros: Fiverr.com

*Tip: When gathering assets, try not to get stuck here: Done is better than perfect.


  1. Production

Write A Script (Try to develop a template just like a story) I use Scrivener to write.

Record Podcast. I use Adobe Audition. Other popular editors include: GarageBand, Reaper, ProTools & Audacity

Edit, Add in music and sound effects, export as .mp3 file

Tag it. I use ID3 EDITOR. This is the metadata of your .mp3 file. If you want to know what I’m talking about, open iTunes, right click on any song and select Get INFO. All that text and the artwork is controlled by ID3 Tags. Not very hard, but important.

Warning: Steps 4 & 5 get a little confusing. Let me know if you need more explanation.


  1. Choose your MEDIA HOST.

This is where your .mp3 podcast file lives. Just like your website, you need a hosting company for your podcast.

My Media Host: LIBSYN.com (recommend as Download Only)

Tip: For maximum flexibility, Do not publish your feed on Libsyn, only use as a Download Only server, so if you ever want to change hosts in the future it will be easy.


SOUNDCLOUD.com: I really like Soundcloud’s design and vibe, but they have too much control over your feed, so I chose Libsyn so I only have



Install plugin on WordPress

PowerPress generates the oh-so important RSS FEED that you will submit to iTunes and it will be the feed that tells your subscribers every time you publish a new episode: Have you ever subscribed to a blog and get notified when they wrote a new blog post? You can thank RSS for that.

Tutorials To Learn Powerpress:

Setting up PowerPress is a little intimidating, but take it very slow as every field matters. I watched a lot of tutorials on setting up PowerPress before I jumped in.


Pat Flynn has a very popular 6 part series on how to launch a podcast and Video #5 does a good job walking you through the Powerpress settings.

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire who has a free 20 episode course in iTunes, Called

Free Podcast Course. John is awesome and a huge inspiration to me and I highly recommend listening to this course, it will really help you understand the whole podcast puzzle.

Great tutorials on podcasting:  Daniel J Lewis at Audacity to Podcast

After Powerpress is set up, you need to publish at least one episode on your WordPress site in order for iTunes to accept your podcast. FYI, a private or scheduled post will not work, it must be published.

Episode #1:

In order to publish one new episode all you have to do is create a new blog post

Paste your episode url from Libsyn (the mp3 file) into the PowerPress blog post module

STEPS 4 & 5 Summary:

After recording your podcast, you export as .mp3 file.

The .mp3 file is uploaded to Libsyn for download only

On your website, you install Blubrry/Powerpress plugin (see step #5)

Create a new post just like any other blog poste.

Paste the url of your .mp3 file from Libsyn in the Powerpress on your website.

Powerpress will create an RSS feed that you will submit to iTunes and the RSS feed will let your audience know whenever you publish a new episode.

Record a new podcast, upload .mp3 to Libsyn as download only, copy/paste link in WordPress, publish new blog post and iTunes will tell your audience you have published a new episode!



The big moment.

Once you have your 1st episode published:

Go into the Powerpress settings and copy your podcast feed URL (it is likely your website address with feed/podcast/ at the end)


Open up iTunes, Go To Podcasts in iTunes Store and in the upper right, look for Submit A Podcast.

Paste your RSS feed into iTunes.

Wait 24-48 Hours for iTunes Congratulations email! You did it!


Other Directories to submit feed to:





  1. Promote, Promote Promote. Share your podcast with the world and always be reminding them to Subscribe to your podcast and leave a ratings and reviews. You want your podcast to be on the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes, and this is how to do it. The more downloads, subscribes and Ratings, the better your chances.


Learn. Create. Move Forward

Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)

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Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)

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