Ep39: The Google Show

What is Google Apps? What features do I use regularly? What are some unique ways podcasters and online brands can use Google Apps for their podcast or online business?

Ask Mike Anything:

Question: Do I need expensive headphones to record my podcast or are Apple earbuds good enough? Answer: I do recommend you upgrading from the Apple earbuds if possible to headphones that will give you a flatter/cleaner sound so you can really hear any issues in your recording. *Tip:*Use your Apple buds for quality control as many of your listeners use them so you need to know how your show sounds on many different devices. My headphones Sony MDR7506 Popular or Recommended Headphones AudioTecnica ath-m50xM-Audio Q40 headphones *Beyerdynamic dt 770

What is Google Apps For Work?

Googles description: An all-in-one suite to communicate, store and create. Google Apps is the admin side of your business like email, calendar, word processing, spreadsheets and so much more. All the real fun and exciting stuff I know, but all the stuff that keeps your business on track.

How much does it cost:

$5/user per month. There is a $10/user per month with increased storage and some additional features.

What is included with Google Apps :

The communication apps: * Gmail * Calendar * Google Hangouts * Google + Storage app: Google Drive (similar to Google Drive) Collaboration tools: * Google Docs * Sheets * Forms * Slides * Sites [Collaboration Tips](https://apps.google.com/learning-center/tips/collaborate-better/#/list) Tip: Email Aliases: Create unlimited prefixes/alials such as mike@mikemurphy.co; info@mikemurphy.co (hello@, feedback@…) Domain Alias: Use other domains you own and create email address for them under same account: For example: mike@askmikeanything.com….

What Google Apps features do I use for my podcast and online business?

Gmail Calendar Google Drive Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides) Google +

Some ideas for Google Apps for podcasters

1.Use Google Sheets (or Excel) Create master episode list with notes and topics discussed Create resource lists of products and tools, links, etc 2.Google Forms Create surveys and feedback forms or have contests with audience (vote on a new feature… Resource tip #1: Wufoo Resource tip #2: Check out IFTTT. 3.Collaboration & Sharing. * Eliminate the back and forth dialog of emails. * Great for coaching and consulting with clients. * Send Google Forms with questions pre-interview to guests * Collaborate on scripts or show notes with co-hosts… * Google Docs for virtual assistants which are big in the online world. 4.Google Slides Make keynote presentations & screencasts


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