Episode 37: The Instagram Show

  • What is Instagram?
  • How Do I use it?
  • How can you use Instagram to promote your podcast?

Ask Mike Anything

Today’s Ask Mike Anything came via email from Vivian Carrasco from The Turning Inward, podcast: Question: What is the difference between all of the voice apps like Anchor, Clammr and which ones to you like? Answer: My two favorite audio apps for podcast marketing and promotion today are: Clammr (24-second soundbites) Adobe Voice (Mix in photos/videos) Adobe Voice is now Adobe Spark Video (as of 5.19.16):

Instagram FAQ:

  • Instagram was started in 2010
  • Photo and video social media site for iOS and Android
  • 400 million active users (up from 90 million just 3 years ago)Bought by Facebook for $1Billion dollars in 2012,
  • 29% of the US population over 12 use Instagram
  • More than 80 million photos are uploaded daily
  • 3.5 Billion daily likes
  • Photos no longer have to be square (any aspect ratio permitted)
  • Videos up to 1 minute long

Why Do I Use Instagram?:

  • Marketing
  • Personal Creativity & Development
  • Networking
  • For the love of Photography

How Do I Use Instagram?:

My Workflow: Canon t5i Camera Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop AirDrop To iPhone

Related iOS Apps: Adobe Post (as of 5.19.16, the app is now called Adobe Spark Post) Over Boomerang (by Instagram) Hyperlapse (by Instagram) VSCO (popular) Snapseed (great photo editor) PicsArt Photo Tip #1: I export photos to Instagram at 2048px by 2048px Photo Tip #2: The Dehaze Filter in Lightroom and Camera Raw is my secret sauce Done is Better Than Perfect: Don’t obsess over editing for Instagram.


Look at other’s hashtags and compile your own set Use Text Replacement shortcut to make adding hashtags easy My Main Hashtag Set: #Learn,#create,#moveforward,#unplugged, #onemanband, #podcaster, #podcasters, #podcasts, #howtopodcast, #podcastlife, #podcasting, #audio,#gear


  • Search for people
  • Search by clicking on hashtags
  • Like, comment and just say hey to people.

Instagram for Podcaster’s Tips:

  1. Post regularly and be consistent with look or style
  2. Use the right hashtags
  3. Be social. Follow people. Like photos. And leave comments.
  4. Use Video. Snapchat, Boomerang & Hyperlapse or any video.
  5. Promote each episode on release date. Tag guests. Ask guests to promote.
  6. Use Instagram to find guests
  7. Interact with podcast hosts of shows you want to be a guest on
  8. Cross Promote on Other Channels
  9. Run Instagram Contests

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