Ep36: The Tutorial Show

The Art of Making Tutorials.

How To Make Tutorials:
1. How Do You Find Topics?
2. How are they made ?
3. Where Do You Share Them?
4. Why Should You Make Tutorials?

Today’s Ask Mike Anything came from Blab:

Question: How to I get influencers and high profile guests on my show?

Answer: You need to develop a relationship and connection with anyone you want as a guest. Start small and be respectful. You are planting a seed, and not screaming at them or stalking them. Comment on a blog post or Medium article. Then another and maybe add your two cents. Retweet some of their tweets. Treat the potential guest like any other friend or human you would interact with. Then send an email and say, Hey Mike, I’m finding a lot of value in your content. I particularly liked your article on this and your podcast episode about that was spot on. I have a weekly podcast where I interview leading entrepreneurs like yourself and I would love to introduce you to my listeners and promote your new book. Would you be available for a 20 minute interview in the next 2 months?

What is a Tutorial?:

Tutorials are simply educational or informational lessons about a topic. I think of tutorials as mini-lesson plans from school and bundles of tutorials can make up a course or class. Tutorials can be audio or video or text and their whole goal is to teach.

How Do you find topics to teach?

I try to find topics that I think will help people save time or helps them do something better or faster.

This can cover a wide range of topics, but I only teach things that I do or I know a lot about and think are relevant to content creation and podcasting.

Places to Find Topics:
–Look in your emails for questions people ask you.
–Questions from listeners or online
–What do you do everyday for your business? Share your process.
–Go into your application folder on your Mac or PC and look at all of the software
– iPhone and look at all of your apps, any useful apps or tips?
–Get inspiration from Lynda.com, Skillshare.com & Udemy.com

Resource Tip #1:

Trello to organize my tutorial ideas and workflow.


Step 1: Once you decide on the topic, Write a Script or Outline. Always.

Tips For Writing A Script:
Start with the end goal in mind:
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to…
What is the benefit they will receive from watching?
End with a Call To Action (go visit website, etc)

Pre-Production Tip:
Organize your project folders

Resource Tip #2:

Step 2: Recording & Production
  1. Live video. You teach in front of a camera
  2. Screencasting. You use a program like Screenflow or Camtasia and record your computer or idevice screen.
  3. Combination of both. Mixing the talking head camera with screen casting, which is what I typically do.
Step 3: Editing

Clean it up, Spruce it up with your logo and titles and some music, but keep it really simple.

Resource Tip #3: Wistia

Where Do You Put Tutorials:

  • Start with YouTube
  • Make a blog post and embed the YouTube link
  • Use Buffer to share on social media

Big Tip: Give your tutorial a good title.

Why Make Tutorials?

  • Help People
  • People can connect with you
  • Establish Authority
  • Content will drive traffic to your site and YouTube channel
  • Improve knowledge, teaching style and confidence.
  • Helps podcast script writing and overall quality of delivery
  • Great networking and marketing tool.


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