Ep 35: The Snapchat Show (Part 2)

Episode 34: Part 1
What it is?
How You Use It?
And How Add Followers?

Episode #35, Part 2
Why I am using Snapchat?
5 Strategies I use that will help you get started.
What have the results been so far?

Ask Mike Anything came from Snapchat:

Question: Do you have any recommendations for stands or cases to make using Snapchat easier?

Here are my 3 favorite iPhone accessories (see images below post):

Olloclip Studio
MeFoto Sidekick
Manfrotto Desk Tripod

Why I am using Snapchat:

Update: 10 billion videos per day are being viewed on Snapchat.

The platform is young. I recognized the marketing potential and ability to promote my personal brand by teaching and sharing behind the scenes footage of my workflow and process.

People I mentioned:

Gary Vaynerchuk
John Lee Dumas
Cliff Ravenscraft

5 Strategies of Using Snapchat:

#1. Ghost Codes: Directory of Snapchat users that can be searched by Interest tags 


#2. Teaching: Share what you know. Build your authority. Give tutorials on Snapchat or teach your niche topic.

#3. Repurpose Content. Cross platform snaps to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

#4. Audience Engagement. Give your audience direct access to you and your story. 

#5 Behind the Scenes. Show off your workspace and how you do what you do!

Benefits of Using Snapchat (so far):

Increase Confidence (Behind Camera)
Improvement in teaching style
Building a network/Meeting new folks
New listeners to podcast
Establishing myself as authority
Creativity increase
Productivity & Accountability

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