Ep 32: The Video Ideas Show


5 different types of videos that you can make as a podcaster or content creator to get your video marketing up and running. If you are new to video or not sure where to start, today’s episode is going to be a good starting point to give you some ideas and inspiration to start making videos to promote your podcast and your brand.

Question: Do you recommend LED lighting for video and why?



Pros:  Lightweight, Stay cool, Low Power Consumption, Great accessories, ease of use

Cons: More expensive often, color tints, not as bright, not always as flattering as tungsten or fluorescent kits.

Here is what you look for when buying LED lights:

CRI (Color-Ratio-Index): Above 90

Daylight Balanced (5600K)

My recommendation as always for all things camera/video: Call B&H and ask what LED lights they recommend and give them your budget and they will tell you:

LED Lights I Use:

Ikan IFD576-S Daylight LED Light

Fotodiox Pro LED-312DS

Genaray LED-6200T 144 LED Light

Check Out Film Riot’s review of Aputure Amaran LEDs:

5 Types of Video You Can Start Making Today: 1. Behind the Scenes videos: 2. About Me/Promo Videos 3. Tutorials or Screencast videos 4. Gear Reviews & Product Demonstrations 5. Vlogging

Benefits for Podcasters:

Engagement with listeners Establish authority Teach Share knowledge Show authenticity and vulnerability Build Trust Promote podcast and individual episodes Market products and services

1. Behind the Scenes: Show off your workspace or podcast setup.

2. About Me Video: This is a promo video about you! Introduce yourself to your listeners and community.

3. Gear Reviews & Product Demonstrations. Unboxing videos or demonstrate your microphone or mixer, etc. If your gear reviews are good you could earn affiliate income or brands might send you products.

#4. Tutorials and Screencasting. The easiest way to get started making videos and a good place to start if you really don’t want to be on camera.

Screencast Software: Screen flow by Telestream

Camtasia by TechSmith

Buy Now!

#5. Vlogging: Get personal with day-in-the-life videos. Upload to YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram and let your audience see your daily routines. Not for the faint of heart, but a great way to build trust and faithful followers.

Bonus Idea:

Trailers for podcast episodes. Sean McCabe does a great job with this.


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