Ep 31: The Rhythm Show

How do I keep my podcast workflow balanced and in rhythm?

Today’s Ask Mike Anything:

Question: How do I submit my brand new podcast to iTunes? Answer: Using the new PodcastsConnect.com portal by Apple Instructions: Copy your RSS feed created by Powerpress or Libsyn. (Cmd+C) Log into to PodcastsConnect.com with your Apple ID (Just a side tip,there is a link on the front page of iTunes that says Submit A Podcast that will take you there) Paste (cmd-V) your RSS feed there and hit Submit. podconnect01     http://podcastsconnect.com

PodcastsConnect Resources: Click Here

Previous Shows Mentioned: Episode #25 (Podfading) Podfading: When podcasters slowly start to miss episodes until eventually they just stop. Episode #10: The Production Show: How long does it take to produce one podcast from start to finish?

Causes of Burnout & Imbalance:

1. It is hard to generate money from podcasts and they cost money to run. 2. Difficulty building audiences 3. Technically challenging with audio gear and equipment. 4. Impostor syndrome. With so many podcasters, why bother? 5. Podcasting is becoming 24/7 hobby

Steps to get rhythm:

1. Understand Why & See The Big Picture. Episode #22 is all about my Why. Why did you start a podcast? If the goal is important, keep reminding yourself. 2. Schedule & Prioritize: Put everything on the calendar and you will be more likely to do them and it will turn into a part of your routine. 3. Be more self-aware: What are you good at and what do you enjoy? Figure this out and do more it. Outsource tasks if you can or ask for help. Is your podcast and everything you are doing authentic to you or are you doing something because others are having success? Be you and it will get a lot easier. 4. Preparation & Writing: Failing to plan is planning to fail. Resources Mentions: Medium & Nuzzle App & FeedlyScrivener [Tweet “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail – Alan Lakein”] 5. Study & Practice Quoted: Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answerman has a great quote: I don’t need easy, I just need worth it. Places I learn: lynda.com kelbyone.com skillshare.com udemy.com April0416-20off-sitewide300X250

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