Ep29 : The Guest Interview Show

5 Benefits of Being A Guest on a Podcast
5 Tips To Prepare To Be a guest on a Podcast

Ask Mike Anything:

Question:  What do you recommend for backing up your data?
Answer: Backblaze.com

5 Benefits of Being A Guest on a Podcast

1. Build you Authority and position yourself as an expert.
2. Grow your podcast audience and listeners. Most podcast listeners subscribe to many shows, so it is very likely you will gain new listeners with every interview, especially if you go on shows that are similar to your topic.
3. Networking. Your professional rolodex will grow.
4. Confidence & Communication Skills. The more you get out there and talk about yourself and your brand, the more confident and skilled you become. This is a biggie I think.
5. Revenue . Remember last episode when I talked about how expensive it is to run a podcast, well guest interviewing is a great way to generate leads and sell your products and services. This is the time that I remind myself that I really need to start making products and services to sell.

5 Benefits of Being A Guest on a Podcast

1. Be prepared. Enough said.
2. Organize Assets. Make it easy for people to spread the love for you.
3. Tech: Get everything ready and make sure it works.
4. Be professional. Dress for success and properly represent your brand.
5. Listen and show Gratitude. Just be yourself and be nice.

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