Ep28 : The Green Show:

How much does it cost to start and maintain a podcast?

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Ask Mike Anything:
What do you think about scripting podcasts?
Answer: I script Mike Murphy Unplugged in a conversational style. I believe preparation is the key to a good podcast, but it depends on your style whether you need a script, outline or bullet points. It really does not matter how you best prepare, but free form conversation is usually not a good recipe for success. I think people who do not plan their content are being lazy in most cases and not respecting their audience. Your audience is giving up a chunk of their busy day to listen to you and it is your responsibility to deliver value and not waste their time because you failed to prepare.

Bottom line: Prepare for each podcast episode just as you would for a speech or presentation. Have you ever sat through a presentation where the host was winging it? Painful, right?
The Cost Of Starting A Podcast:


Amazon Store:
Resource Page (Mike Murphy Co)

Rode Podcaster
Rode Procaster
Electrovoice RE320
Heil PR40
Shure SM7B
Electrovoice RE20

Mixers ($200+):
My Mixer: Allen & Heath Zed 10
Other Brands I recommend: Mackie or Yamaha

Audio Interfaces ($250):
Focusrite 6i6

Headphones (Under $100):
Sony MDR7506
Audio Tecnica

Boom Arm ($100):
Rode PSA-1
Heil PL-2T

Cables ($50+):
Hosa (Main Page Amazon)
Canare 10′ XLR Cable

Webcam ($75):
Logitech c920

Speakers: mAudio BX5 ($200)

Portable Recorder:
Zoom H5
Zoom H6 (My favorite)
Tascam DR-40

Gain Boosters (For low-gain dynamic microphones):
Triton Fethead
Cloud lifter CL-1

PART II: The Software & Web services

GarageBand (Macs)
Audacity (Windows or Mac)
Twisted Wave
Adobe Audition

IOS App ($10):

Tagging ($15):
ID3 Editor

Writing ($50):
Google Docs

Podcast Hosting:
Libsyn ($5-20)
Blubrry ($12-20)

Skype Plugins ($30):
ECamm Call Recorder

Screen casting Software ($99)

Additional Monthly Expenses:
Web hosting: BlueHost ($3.99 & up!)
Backups: Unlimited Backup for $5/month!
Google Apps for Work: $5/month

LED lighting:
IKAN LEDS (B&H often has these on sale)
Fotodiox 312 LEDS 

Free Tools:
Mail chimp (Newsletter)

Mike Murphy Co Resources:
The Resources Page


Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)