Ep 25: The Podfade-Away Show

Twenty-Five and Still Alive

Today’s Ask Mike Anything came from Blab from someone who was in the planning stage of launching his podcast. He stated:

Question: What is the best microphone to start with if my budget is tight?

Answer: I would say this question gets asked more than any other question not only on my Blabs but on just about anything related to podcasting. And guess what, the answer is usually the same and that is the Audio Tecnica ATR2100. This is a dynamic microphone which is used mostly in broadcasting as it rejects a lot of room noise and the ATR2100 is versatile because you can connect with an XLR cable or USB directly to your computer which is awesome. Oh yeah, it also sounds good and it is only $50 bucks. I own one and can say I was surprised by the quality for such an inexpensive mic, but that is my suggestion for any new podcaster or content creator on a budget.


Audio Tecnica ATR2100

Podcast Statistics:

50% of all new podcasters quit before episode 7. Out of the 50% who make it to episode 7, Only 50% of them make it to episode 15. Podcasters who make it to episode 25, have a really high chance of lasting for 2 years or more!

So, I’m pretty proud of myself to make it to episode 25. It really doesn’t sound like a big number, but according to the stats it’s kind of a big deal.

I.    What is Podfade?

Podfade (Urban Dictionary): When a podcast begins putting out episodes more and more sporadically and at greater intervals. Typically begins with only one episode missed, but if a podcast isn’t careful, it can compound, sometimes as severe as one podcast every other month. Podfade often leads to podcast death.

Podfade in my words is simply when podcasters either start to lose interest or they get too busy and just stop producing shows on time until eventually they stop altogether.

II.    Why Does Podfade Happen?

What are some common causes?

Lack of Time: People underestimate how much time they need to invest in producing a podcast and life takes over and before long the podcast starts missing schedule until it ultimately stops. Technical: Recording and Post-production is really difficult for many and the non-tech folks just move on. Skills: Some people hate their voice or not comfortable on the mic and not willing to put the time into learning. Topics: Running out of things to talk about happens to a lot of folks. Costs: Spending money on a hobby is not always practical for some No Income: I think some people falsely enter podcasting thinking they will start get sponsors and make a lot of money with affiliates and when it doesn’t happen, pod fade. Crickets: Podcasting can feel lonely when you start and you have little audience. It’s not easy pressing record and putting on a show and feeling like nobody is listening. Getting little or no feedback can be difficult and many people just think, why bother? Nobody cares what I have to say. Boredom: Some people just don’t enjoy it and want to do something else. If you’re not having fun, you will talk yourself out of it eventually. Guests: Some interview shows have trouble finding quality guests or the whole process of interviewing is a pain in the butt. Co-hosts: Some start out with their friend and when the friend quits, the show goes with them.

III.   How can you prevent pod fade from happening?

1. Be realistic: This is a pre-launch preventative step.

In short:

Be realistic Be practical Plan for the time required Do not bite off more than you can chew.

2. Simplify

Look at your entire process from start to finish and determine if you can cut out any of the steps to make it just a little bit easier. Here are some areas to focus on:

Script writing/research: Show notes: Editing: Marketing:

Bottom Line: Simplifying means making your entire process efficient and easily repeatable. Never stop fine tuning and making each step as easy as possible and before you know it you can do it all in your sleep with little effort. This is a really big step in preventing pod fade in my opinion. Think of your start to finish podcast as one big template and fix any parts that get you hung up.

3. Network.

Blab Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, G+)

4. Learn.

Read Watch Tutorials Ask Experts Go To Events (Like Podfest.us or PodcastMovement.com)

5. Look in the Mirror (Gut-check)

Are you moving forward in the direction you want to go?

In conclusion:

Podfade happens for a variety of reasons. If you love podcasting, but it’s too difficult, simplify and try to figure out what you don’t like and fix that part. Maybe you need to take a little breather and start doing ‘Seasons’. It seems to be a trending thing to break a podcast into seasons. Maybe you’re bored or lonely doing Solocast shows, switch it up and do interviews and bring in a co-host.

Nothing worth doing is easy at first, but if podcasting is necessary for your business or well-being, fight for it and fix the issues before you podfade.

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