ep23: The How Show

7 Steps How To Get Started Podcasting
[Tweet “”Perfection is not attainable, but if you chase perfection, you can catch excellence.” -Vince Lombardi]

Ask Mike Anything:

Guest:  Dr. Vivian Carrasco, Turning Inward Podcast

Question:  Is there any tools to promote my podcast with audio teasers? Answer:     Yes. One of my favorite new apps/tools out there is called Clammr. Love it. I think of it as the Twitter for audio. You can share 24 seconds of audio on any social media channel, on your website, etc. Great way to promote individual episodes. 


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1. Pick a Launch Date

I recommend 4-6 weeks for one man bands and 8-10 weeks minimum if starting an interview show. Action Steps Put the launch date on Google Calendar and hold yourself to it.

2. Create a Master Document

Organize and plan as best you can.

Action Steps Create a Google Master Doc and write down everything!

3. Learn Your Craft

Resources Mentioned: Dave Jackson, The School of Podcasting Daniel J. Lewis, The Audacity to Podcast Ray Ortega, The Podcasters Studio Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast AnswerMan Pat Flynn, How To Start A Podcast Tutorial John Lee Dumas, Free Podcast Course

4. Define Your Topic & Content

What makes you excited to talk about? Go there.

5. Choose A Format

One Man Band? Interview Show? Co-host? Storyteller? Resources: episode 21: The Format Show

6. Commit to a Publishing Schedule

Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Pick a schedule and stick to it. Your audience wants consistency.

7. Define your long-term goals for you and your audience.

What do you want your podcast to do for you?

What do you want your podcast to do for your audience?

Do you want to make a living somehow by starting a podcast or is it 100% hobby?

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Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)

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