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1. Why did I start a podcast? 2. Why you should start a podcast in 2016. [Tweet ““The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -Mark Twain”]

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Guest: Cara Lumen from Deeper Song Community

Question:  Do you have any suggestions for how to record coaching calls or interviews in addition to Skype? Answer:     There are many options to do this including Zoom, Google Hangouts or iOS apps like Ringr, but I suggest a new service called Zencastr, whose tagline is: “Record your guests in top quality directly from their web browser.” Zencastr has all the makings a good web service and they are targeting podcasters. Simply send out a link to multiple guests, start recording and Zencastr will do all the heavy lifting and provide high quality audio on separate tracks. Easy.

I. Why Did I Start A Podcast 

Why: The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do. Resources Mentioned: Simon Sinek, Start with Why

Why Did I Start A Podcast?

What inspired me to start a podcast?

I believe my purpose in starting a podcast is simply to teach and inspire people to do great things by sharing my technical knowledge and unique perspective.

My Belief inspired by a quote from one of my idols, Steve Jobs, We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” nIt may be naive of me, but I have the belief that I have the ability to do something great with my talents or skills or interests or just my passion to learn and create things. A big part of the frustration I have shared with you about being a jack of all trades and focusing on my strengths and weaknesses, has been knowing that I have a lot to offer people and I really want to share it and help others along the way. Like many others, I too want to put a dent in the universe no matter how big or small, but was never sure how to get started.

My main why I started a podcast is it is a platform that gives me a chance to teach and impact others and and a starting point at an attempt to make a dent in the universe. Pretty deep I realize, but knowing why you do something is so critical as it will keep you motivated and focused and excited.

[Tweet ““We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here? – Steve Jobs””]

II. Why Should You Start A Podcast in 2016?

There are many benefits of starting a podcast for one man bands and small brands and here are 10 to help you if you are trying to figure out if podcasting is something you are considering. Disclaimer: Podcasting is a big commitment and something that requires a lot of work to start and to maintain. While I absolutely think it’s a great platform for many people, I don’t want to downplay how much work and dedication it requires. That’s all, now for my top 10 reasons to start a podcast in 2016 in no particular order. Just 10 reasons. 1. It’s gaining in popularity.  It’s still a relatively new medium, so getting in early is often a good way to establish yourself for the long term. 2. Entertain people and be creative. It’s your show, so make it great 3. Establish authority. Be seen as an expert in your field or topic. 4. Networking. Meet and cross-promote with other podcasters and your guests if you do interviews. 5. Relationships. Engage your audience and fans and real connections will be made. Community is how great businesses are made. 7. Global Audience. You have the potential to reach people around the world. Go for it! 8. Inexpensive. Podcasting is not free, but the investment is minimal and attainable for most. 9. Market & Promote Your Brand. Use podcasting as a communication and marketing tool. 10. Make Money. Your podcast will not likely generate much income by itself, but a podcast can help you generate side income through affiliate links and promoting your products and services.

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Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)

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