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Question:What is a Mix-Minus?

A mix-minus is typically used when podcasters interview guests over Skype. A mix minus simply allows the guest to hear everything going through the mixer of the podcaster, minus their own voice so there is no echo on their end since they are also talking into a microphone and hearing their own voice on their own mixer or whatever audio equipment they have. The Mix, Minus Their Echoed Voice.

Alternative Solution To Mix-Minus Using Skype:
Ecamm Call Recorder (Mac)
Pamela (Windows)

The below by Ray Ortega is a great tutorial that really simplifies a mix-minus setup.


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Top-level Priorities for 2016:

  1. Get better at the art of podcasting and audio production
  2. Get better and more consistent at making tutorials and classes
  3. Networking with other podcasters and establishing myself as an authority
  4. Growing my email list and community
  5. Driving more traffic to my website.
  6. Re-purposing my content to build exposure

What will I be creating and how often?

Podcast: Once per week
Newsletter: Once Per Week
Writing Blog Posts: One Per Week
Tutorials: Ideally 1 per week.
Classes: 3 Full Classes on Udemy & Skillshare for all of 2016

Social Media Plan

Twitter: 5 Tweets per week. This is easy as my tweets are really only re-sharing articles I discover online.
Facebook: 2 Posts per week. Again, easy as I post my blog posts and podcast episodes. I would like to grow my Facebook group and that is part of my 2016 roadmap.
Instagram: Since the launch of my podcast, I have posted a photo to Instagram every single day. I have not missed one day. That was a goal and I held my end of the bargain. I will back off a little in 2016, but I do like the creative juice Instagram gives me and it has given me a marketing boost for sure. 2016, I will do 3-5 Instagram posts per week and be good with that. 7 days per week is too aggressive.
Pinterest: This is a set it and forget it for me. There is huge marketing potential with Pinterest, so I will not ignore it, but it is not a priority. I will dedicate 1 day per month cleaning up and managing my boards.
Blab: I plan on keeping my 1 day per week schedule. My goal is to be more structured and focused for each Blab. I cannot maintain 9-2 am 5 hour Blabs moving forward. I see Blab as a huge platform for podcasters and I got in at the ground level. My momentum is building and I will continue to grow my Blab presence.
Overall Social Goal: 2 hours per week in what I call serving hours where I browse Facebook, Google+ and try to help people by answering questions and engaging in discussions.

Taking Mike Murphy Co. To Next Level:

Podcast: Priority #1. Mike Murphy Unplugged will be the hub of Mike Murphy Co and the main platform for me to teach and market my brand. I want to get better at my technique and my audio editing skills. I have 2 new features I would like to introduce to the show. I am considering guest interviews and I will accept opportunities to be interviewed on other podcasts to gain exposure.
Goal: Double my monthly downloads per month
Teach More: Growing my YouTube Channel and making educational resources is on high priority for me.
Website Traffic & Email List: I really need to work on building my subscriber list. This is the key to my entire business to build a community. In order to build my list I plan to build 3-4 new resource guides or lead magnets as they are more commonly called, and drive more traffic to my site. This is a big part of my roadmap. My goal for 2016 is to be over 100 subscribers by the end of the year. Very Doable, but it will take focus and effort to achieve.
Repurposing Content: I really need to be more disciplined about repurposing content. Every podcast episode can be chopped up into blog posts and articles. I need to get better at this in 2016.
Financial Goals: 2016 will take the next step in monetization. I will increase my affiliate income by doing more gear tutorials and product recommendations and I hope to generate more income from educational courses and products. I do not have a dollar amount in mind, but I’m going to throw out $500-1000/month as a year long average to give me something to track. Part of my financial goal is to do a better job with accounting and tracking expenses. I failed here in 2015.

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Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)

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