Ep160: The Domestika Show

Episode Summary:
In this episode 160, I share the details of my brand new class called Introduction to Adobe Audition and the experience I had creating it with the online learning platform, Domestika.

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Episode 160 Overview:
Behind the scenes look at creating an online class about Adobe Audition on Domestika from start to finish.

    • What is Domestika?
    • What is the course I created?
      • Who is the class for?
      • What will you learn?
      • How can you take the course?
      • How much does it cost?
    • How Did I Get Started Working With Domestika?
    • How Did I Make The Course?
    • How is it going since the course launched?



What is Domestika?
Domestika is a multi-lingual online learning platform that offers courses and workshops on a variety of creative topics, such as design, illustration, photography, animation, and more. Domestika has been around for over 20 years, and is one of the largest platform for creative education in the world. Domestika originated in Spain and now has over 8 million engaged students registered and are growing quickly as they expand internationally.  Domestika is marketed to over 50 countries subtitled in 8 different languages.

What is the course I created?
Introduction to Adobe Audition

So, What is Adobe Audition:
Adobe Audition is a digital audio workstation or (DAW) software application used for recording, editing, mixing and mastering audio. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud bundle and used by podcasters + content creators, film and vide editors + sound designers, musicians and anyone working with audio.

  • Have you ever heard of ProTools, Logic Pro, Reaper, Audacity  or GarageBand? Well Audition is similar in that they all are software applications used to record and edit audio files.

Who is the course for?

  • This class is for content creators, podcasters, musicians, sound designers and anyone who wants to start using Adobe Audition for podcasting, music, voiceovers, etc whether you are brand new to audio production or a seasoned professional wanting to switch DAWs.
  • Basics courses are the best-selling classes on Domestika intended for beginners and broken down into ‘Mini-Courses’ with practice lessons at the end of each section.

What will you learn?

1. Getting Started with Adobe Audition
2. Adding Media and Recording Audio
3. Editing: Waveform and Multitrack
4. Effects and Processing
5. Exporting and Saving Projects

How can you take the course?
If you go to mikemurphy.co/domestika that will take you to the course page on Domestika.

How much does it cost?
It is normally $59.99, but it is currently 85% off so it is only $9.99 which is quite a bargain if I do say so myself.

Timeline For Making Course:

June of 2022:

  • I got an Email from Acquisitions/Curation Manager based in NYC
  • We had an Introductory Google Meet for me to about Domestika and on this
  • call we discussed course ideas and I left the call feeling very optimistic and it just felt like a great fit.
  • I think initially they were thinking it would be podcast-related, but when they realized there was no Basics course on Audition, they decided that would be the best fit.
  • Within a few days of the initial call I received a proposal and the details and I signed an returned the contract. Woohoo!
  • Time to Move on to next team: Content Management

In July 2022 (Course Structure)

  • I met with the Content Manager assigned to me to discuss course structure of how Domestika Basics courses are typically laid out and then it was up to me to come up with the course material.
  • I submitted the first draft outline a couple of days later and I would say the review and edit process took about 2 weeks and then the Final Outline was approved and it was time to
  • Move on to next team where I would meet my Producer and start creating the main content for the course.

August – October 2022 (Pre-Production)

  • I had weekly video calls with my producer who was my main point-person from when I started making the class through the final filming in the Domestika studios in New York City.
  • After doing a bunch of  audio and video testing and learning the formatting specs (which was fun and easy since I’m a tech nerd who makes daily videos), I was given the green light by the Domestika technical team to get started recording the individual lessons.
  • I made most of the course in my home studio in Naples, Florida and went in chronological order from the start of my outline and worked my way to the end.
  • All of the video lessons I made at home were Screen Recordings + VoiceOver narrations so I did not have to be in front of the camera for this portion and used ScreenFlow which is what I use to make all of my tutorials.
  • I made approximately 30 videos ranging from 5-10 minutes each over the course of about 6 weeks.
  • I finished recording the entire course about a day before Hurricane Ian destroyed my town and left me without power for about 10 days. Perfect timing!
  • The next phase was heading to the Domestika studios in New York City, woohoo!

Early November 2022

    • I flew to the Domestika studios in the Chelsea neighborhood of  New York City the day before Halloween of 2022.
    • The Domestika studios were impressive and they rolled out the red carpet for me and gave me the VIP treatment.
    • I filmed the Trailer, Intros and Outro videos, and took all of the promo photos and videos used by the Domestika editors.
    • The Domestika studios and team were awesome and they went out of their way to make me feel like a rockstar.
    • Despite being a little nervous and not in my comfort zone of having all eyes on me, I left NYC feeling proud and it was really an incredible experience.
    • I cannot say enough good things about the Domestika team and process and will be forever grateful.

The Final Stage

  • After filming was over in New York City in early November, I moved on to the Teacher Management Team who would guide me through the last stage which was mostly preparing for the launch of the class.
  • During this time I spruced up my Domestika Portfolio and Profile Page and finalized the course text for the website and prepared resources and PDFs to enhance the student learning experience
  • I had several meetings before the launch to go over some strategies and best practices and ways to make it a successful launch.
  • It took about 4 months from the time I finished filming in New York to the launch of the course which was in early March of 2023.

The Launch

For 2 weeks before the launch of the class, I started creating teaser videos on the social channels and YouTube.

Launch day was on March 3rd and then I was able to share the official Course Trailer and go all-in promoting the class.  Self-promotion is difficult for me as I really do not like watching my own stuff, but I know it’s something I have to do.

I cannot go into the exact details of the financials, but I make make a percentage of the sales, so the more people sign up, the more money I can make. The commission is considerably higher when people sign up using my link, so if you plan to sign up or if you want to show support and promote my course, please use my personal link as it really helps.

It’s has only been a couple of weeks since the course launched, so it’s way to early to tell if it was a success or not. There are currently a couple of hundred students enrolled in the class, which is a lot, but I’m hoping that number goes into the thousands over time, but we shall see.

My role since the course launched is to manage the community of students enrolled in my course. The Domestika site is pretty great for students to be able to interact with the courses and I am on hand to provide support and answer questions. The Domestika teams handles any logistics related to the site, but I am responsible for being available to the students, which is what I love the most. I love the support role and the  more questions the better.

In closing:

The experience creating a class on Domestika was all positive and I hope I get the opportunity to create many more. I really cannot say how amazing everyone was as they were professional, friendly, helpful and all very creative and talented, so I felt inspired from start to finish. Now I just need to keep promoting the class and helping those who are enrolled.

My ask to you:


Any questions about making a course on Domestika or anything else I can help you with, send me a message on any of my social channels, website or via email at info@mikemurphy.co

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