I have spent the past week laughing and crying and I also figured out the recipe for success as a content creator and I’m going to share it with you in this episode.

Episode Summary: Today’s is about understanding what matters in life and how to build a brand and create content that makes a positive impact on others.

Today is about priorities and urgency. You have one chance at this game of life. Do a self-audit The recipe for success for content creators.

The Story:

Last week I lost a friend. Good times with Mike was all I could think about. I know that everyone who ever came in contact with him probably had a similar experience. He made an impact.

My to-do list and goals for business and money worries and all of the mundane things that show up nearly everyday were out of mind.

And when I was reflecting on all of the good times, I never once thought about where Mike worked or how successful he was or how much money he made. I remembered the little things and laughing and having fun and the pure joy everyone felt when he was around.

Side Tip #1: Take photos and videos everytime you are with friends and family regardless of how many times you are together and have a system to organize and backup your photos so you can easily find and share when you really need them.

I remember Mike saying hello to everyone and holding the door for people and giving up his seat for an older person at the bar. I remember all of the nice things he did for people when nobody was looking.

Like all of us, he had so many shortcomings and weaknesses and imperfections and I didn’t remember those things as anything other than that’s who he was.

Being a good human being at the core is all I remember.

Self-Audit: Look in the Mirror

My question to you: If you leave this earth tomorrow, how do you think you will you be remembered? Will those who knew you spend all day looking at photos and laughing and crying about all of the good times spent with you? Will your life have a positive impact on those who meet you whether it is in person or online?

What can you do? Start today by doing the little things that make the biggest impact: Laughing Smiling Saying Hello to Strangers Being Nice to people Doing your best Working hard Being reliable & dependable (someone to count on) Being a good friend and family member. Doing the right thing when nobody is looking.

These are universal ingredients to being a good human being.

Are you doing these things every day?

When is the last time you did a self-audit or gut check on your overall mood and attitude and the energy that you are giving out to the world.

It often takes a death or near-death experience for people to pause and reflect and that is okay.

Life Lessons & Content Creation

I have created 147 podcast episodes and looking back, the episodes that get the most feedback and comments are those where I share a personal story.

I have close to 500 videos on YouTube and the comments I get the most by a long shot are wow, thank you so much for responding. I didn’t actually expect you to.

The same thing happens when people fill out the Contact form on my website or email me directly. I cannot believe you actually wrote me back. Disbelief.

Quite honestly, this is baffling to me, because why wouldn’t I reply or answer someone who took the time to write me? Common Courtesy 101.

You are never be too busy or important to not hit reply or say thank you when someone reaches out to you. Gary Vee has millions of followers and he personally replies to emails and tweets and so do countless others who have massive followers.

Recipe For Content Creators:

Create content for people.

Is what you are making something you would want to consume and do you put effort and care into what you make? Creating content is about establishing relationships and you should treat the relationship with your audience with the same respect you would a good friend.

Positivity. Be optimistic and focus on the good. Make content with pure intentions.

Make content that you think will positively impact others whether it be to entertain or make them laugh or to teach them something that will help them move forward or solve a problem.

The positivity is you doing what you love and creating content you genuinely believe in. The positivity and optimism is about your mindset and doing the right thing for the right reasons.

How does your content make people feel?

Self-Awareness. Be you 100% of the time. You are not in a competition with anyone but yourself. You do not need to be concerned with what anyone else is doing but yourself. And you need to go all in on the things you do well.

Story. It’s the most important element really and ties everything together.

Stories are all people remember and think about and share with others.

When my friend died, I remembered the stories. The experiences we shared that made me smile or laugh or took me back to a place. Stories connect people and trigger emotions and make your content relateable.

Why do people love Instagram Stories and Snapchat and likely Instagram TV? Because creators let their guard down and tell their real story by just being themselves.

Your business and brand and content is telling your story in everything you do and it’s up to you what the narrative is. You have complete control over how your story is told, but the way to make it stick and to be memorable is consistency.

My Story:The story I am telling is the journey I am on to make it as a content creator and not the actual content I make everyday.

My story is that I am putting in the hard work to create the life I want and be the best person I can be in life and in business. My story is that I am relentless and will not stop trying until I figure it all out. I tell it over and over by showing up everyday regardless of how hard it is and at the end of the day that is what people see in my content. And if the content brings value to the lives of others then the story will be shared and that is the recipe for success.

The recipe for success in business & in life:

Be nice to others. Mean what you stay. Spread a positive message simply by being a person of good character and working hard. Be yourself. It’s much easier. Go all in on what you are good at and what you enjoy. Make content that you care about and that you genuinely think others will find value. Make content that makes a connection with others and builds relationships. The content you create tells the story of you and your brand. Make it good and keep it real.

One at bat:

Live each day like it matters. Create and do work like it matters. Be the person or brand that make’s other people’s lives better just by knowing you.

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