EP136: The Ask Mike Show

I take you behind the scenes of my new livestream Q&A show called Ask Mike Murphy In the show: What is Ask Mike Murphy Live? What are my objectives for starting a live Q&A show? What steps did I take to create the live-stream show? What tools am I using to go live? https://youtu.be/SxF21fO7eSs

The Backstory:

I started Mike Murphy Unplugged in September of 2015 to give me a platform to teach, find my voice and document my journey of starting and online business. I if I shared my knowledge and the tools and resources I was using to build an online business that it would help me move forward and hopefully teach and inspire others along the way. This podcast was started as much to help me figure things out as it was to help others. If you want to get good at something, you have to work hard and practice a lot. To get really good at something, teach what you know to others. I was always learning new stuff, but once I started sharing them in the podcast and in articles and teaching, my knowledge and confidence in my abilities grew exponentially. I started this podcast to push me out of my comfort zone and I knew if I committed to a weekly podcast, it would get me in a rhythm of creating meaningful content and help me develop my teaching voice and style and establish myself as an authority in the podcasting and content creator space. I launched Mike Murphy Unplugged, on Friday September 25, 2015 and I had zero audience. On the next Monday I decided on a whim that I would start a live Q&A show on Blab.im (#ripblab) to gain exposure and establish my authority and help people figure things out.

What is Ask Mike Murphy Live?

What: It is simply version 2 of Open Mike Night that I started in 2015 and did every Monday Night for over a year. When: Ask Mike Murphy will go live every Monday night at 9pm Eastern and answer questions or help people solve tech issues or give feedback on designs or videos or websites. Where: Facebook to start. I will experiment with YouTube & Twitch eventually. Note: mikemurphy.co/live will always take you to where I am going live.

What are my objectives or goals for starting a live Q&A show?

I love the Q&A format and nothing makes me happier than solving problems for people or giving tech or gear advice that I know is right for them and will help them. My ultimate goal is reaching more people and building my community and audience and doing what I love, helping people figure things out.

What steps did I take to create the live-stream show?

How hard is it to start something like Ask Mike Murphy Live? Are you thinking of starting a livestream show but not sure where to start or what you need to do. Step 1: Commit & Pick a Time The hardest part about starting Ask Mike Anything was committing to a time that I knew I could stick to. Monday nights at 9:00 pm seem to be good for me, so step 1 was mentally committing to showing up every Monday at 9. Just like I show up for this podcast every week. Step 2. Create graphics and artwork To the livestream on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, etc. I suggest creating 3 sizes: Wide 1920×1080 graphic to place over videos, etc. Square (1080 x 1080) for Instagram Vertical (1080 x 1920) for Instagram Stories Tools: Adobe Photoshop CC Canva.com (free design templates) Unpslash.com (free photos) Step 3: Make videos/animations to promote livestream (optional) Tools: (Use any video tool) Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC Screenflow Camtasia Step 4. Marketing. Start spreading the word. Post your graphics or simple animations telling people you are going live. Create some buzz even if you have no idea what you’re doing or if anyone will show up. Do not get discouraged or give up if nobody shows up to your live stream. It happens. Do a show anyway and people can always watch the replay.

What tools am I using to go live?

Software: ECamm Live ($39 w/ free trial) Webcam: Logitech c920 Microphone: Shure SM7b Mixer: Allen & Heath Zed10 Lights: IKan IFD576 LED Alternatives to eCamm Live: BeLive.TV (web-based tool)…great option. OBS Studio (open-source & free) Wirecast by Telestream ($500+) ————————————


: ECamm Live


What: Ask Mike Murphy is my new live Q&A show where people can ask me anything about podcasting, video, design, web, online business, and all things in between. When: Office Hours are on Monday Nights from 9:00 - 10:00 pm Eastern Time (or until it’s over) Where: Mike Murphy LLC Page YouTube Live or Twitch (future shows) Default Livestream Link: mikemurphy.co/live

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