EP128: The Podfest 2018 Show

Today’s episode is the overview and breakdown Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018 held at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando, Florida from Feb 8–10, 2018 Episode Includes: What is Podfest Multimedia Expo? Why did I attend for the third year in a row? What were my goals and expectations for attending Podfest 2018? What did I learn or takeaway from the event that I can apply to my podcast or business? Questions or Comments: Email me: mike@mikemurphy.co Direct Message on Instagram: @mikeunplugged

What is Podfest MultiMedia Expo:

Podfest an educational and training conference for independent podcasters created by Chris & Katie Krimitsos that originated in Tampa, but moved to Orlando to attract a more international audience. The Event: Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018 was February 8–10th, 2018 Early bird pricing was $249 Hotel Rates at Wyndham Resort in Orlando: $139/night The Schedule: The Podfest Schedule is jam-packed and tight, but everything starts and ends on time. There are sessions where everyone attends and then breakout sessions where you have options. 2018 introduced a YouTube track for video creators.

Why Did I Go?

2018 was my 3rd year attending Podfest. Year 1: 2016 I went as a new podcaster looking for advice and ideas about podcasting in general and to get my name in front of a community of podcasters. Year 2: 2017 I went with more focus on Mike Murphy LLC and less to learn about podcasting. I wanted to be around people who were having success with their podcast and/or business and absorb and learn as much as I could and if I was in a position to help someone, then maybe I would generate new business opportunities. Year 3: 2018 It was all about the networking for me. I know the direction I want to take Mike Murphy LLC and I’ve been on the scene now for a few years creating consistent content, and my main goal for Podfest 2018 was to build new and stronger relationships in the content creation space that I know I’ll be in for a long time. Why I’ll go every year: Podfest attracts a really kind and friendly community of podcasters and creators and entrepreneurs that genuinely want to help each other out. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at a conference and I know it has a lot to do with the organizer and a big reason why Podfest will be on my calendar year after year. Why You Should Go: I said this in last year’s recap of Podfest, but if you are on a similar journey as me trying to create the life you want, you can not do it all on your own and the secret to everything in life involves people connecting with people and making things happen. Introvert? Me, too. I struggle at conferences and events because it is difficult for me to go from conversation to conversation and I get tired of talking and being social. I love people but… Why do you think I resonate with the term One Man Band? I’d much rather sit in the back of the room and people watch and observe and learn as much as possible. But, suck it up and give it your all. No excuses. Go to industry events when you have the chance. I went to Podfest 2018 to be around podcasters, creators, creatives, personal brands and people who share similar interests and goals as me. Creative entrepreneurs who are working hard and learning from each other and trying to make a dent in the universe someway or somehow. There is power in numbers and when the numbers are filled with like-minded creators on a similar journey, well it is impossible not to learn and be inspired attending an event such as Podfest.

My Takeaways:

Besides a doozy of a cold, What did I learn or takeaway from Podfest 2018? There were tons of things but here are 4 that really stood out to me:

  1. Collaboration is key for my success
  2. Honest feedback needs to be a priority
  3. Being authentic is powerful
  4. Undervaluing my skills and talents is not an option

1. Collaboration: Research and reach out to people and offer ways that I think I can help them to develop a working relationship and get attention to my content. This can be done simply by leaving helpful comments and Direct Messages in Instagram.   2. Feedback: Feedback from your audience and from the right people are critical for your podcast and business. My takeaway from Podfest was to make it easier for people to leave me feedback in the show notes that show up in mobile devices. Also, my plan is to create more calls to action in my podcast and videos to get conversation started. Book Mentioned: Principles by Ray Dalio The author credits honest feedback as one of the main reasons he and his $150 billion company is successful.   3. Being Authentic is Real: This is not a new concept and something I believe in wholeheartedly. A presenter was fumbling with their PowerPoint and threw his notes in the air and said I can’t teach this way, do you mind if I get rid of the slides and just be me? The whole room breathed a sigh of relief and we all realized how cool of a moment that was. He just wanted to be real and meant it. That’s all anybody wants of you. It was amazing and it was such a powerful moment in the conference for me because I realized that All people want is you and not all the packaging and fancy stuff we think is so important. You really do not much to make great podcasts, videos or write books and articles and make great products. Because the only thing people are buying into is you.   4. Undervaluing: Are you charging what you are worth? Do you know how valuable your skills and talents are to others? Do you believe you are a premium service? This is my achilles heel and I struggle with this as do many of you. I have confidence in everything I do for people, yet I do not like charging people and I usually do way more than they paid for. This is how businesses fail and I know this but I am also honest in that I have this problem and I am working to overcome it. Well Podfest 2018 smacked me in the face in a good way thanks to a few people looking out for me and while it was again not anything new or surprising, I left with a whole new perspective and confidence in myself and an understanding that what I do is obvious to me, but it is not only amazing, but it is valuable to others. Lessons like these can be learned in books or on YouTube, but the power of a conference with real people all helping each other out is on a whole other level.


Podfest is an annual event currently being held in sunny Orlando, Florida and one that I highly recommend for new and experienced podcasters and those of you creating an online business producing new media including YouTube videos. The event is getting bigger each year, but there is an intimate sense of community and people helping one another and that is a really big deal. Podfest and conferences in general can help you solve technical or business problems but can also create friendships and clients and business opportunities that you just cannot do on social media. I went to Podfest 2018 just excited to be around like-minded creative people and maybe learn a few new tricks, play with some new microphones or be inspired by some great people. I was not disappointed and I made some great new friends and connections. See you at Podfest 2019.


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