Ep127: The Facebook Live Show

Today is a part 3 of a 3-part special social media series where I get expert advice from live-streamer Ross Brand about how to use LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook live for content creators, personal brands and online businesses. Special Guest: Ross Brand from LivestreamUniverse.com https://youtu.be/iEs4eBG8dpg

Episode Summary:

What is Facebook Live? How do you use it? What type of Facebook Lives can you create if you are a personal brand, content creator or small business? Q&A with Ross Brand: 1. Is Facebook Live beginner friendly? 2. How do you manage a Facebook Live show and what do you do if nobody shows up when you go live? 3. Is Facebook Live a trend or is there a future to live-streaming on Facebook? Episode 125: LinkedIn Episode 126: Twitter Episode 127: Facebook Live

Special Guest Expert:

Ross Brand from LivestreamUniverse.com Shows Hosted by Ross: Ross & Nez Livestream Universe Best of BeLive.TV

About Ross: Ross Brand is a pioneer in the live-streaming field as both a prolific content creator and thought-leader exploring the different ways to leverage live video to grow your business or brand. Ross made the successful transition from terrestrial radio to live streaming, founding LivestreamUniverse.com to empower other live video creators by showcasing their content through updates and shows. “There is no greater evangelist for livestreaming than Ross Brand,” said Jon Burk of Roker Media. Named the world’s number 1 livestreaming expert to follow on social media by Klout and selected as one of “5 live video experts to follow” by Switcher Studio, Ross has been a featured speaker at Summit Live, Summit on Content Marketing and New York University’s Division of Programs in Business.

What is Facebook Live?

Definition of LiveStreaming: Noun. a livestream is: a live broadcast of an event over the Internet. Verb. to livestream is: To broadcast an event over the Internet. Facebook Live: is simply a feature of Facebook for sharing live video on your News Feed as it happens in real-time. Viewers can join in live and comment in real time and you can interact with the audience. Videos will be saved to your timeline and can be watched as a replay. Facebook Live Timeline: Rolled out to beta testers in August 2015 Available for public use in January of 2016

How do you use Facebook Live?

On Mobile Device: Open up Facebook on your phone Tap Live where you create posts Add a Catch Title and description Add emojis if you want Play with effects Go Live with a friend is an option Click Start Live Video when ready People will get notified Shoot in landscape mode when possible On your desktop or laptop: For full professional production (more complicated): Wirecast by Telestream ($700 – 1,000) OBS Studio (free) Browser-based platform (easy): BeLive.TV ($12–20/month) Application for Mac/Windows (easy): ECamm Live ($40) The quick recap of tools: The easiest way to go live is on your smartphone. If you want to go live on your laptop or desktop and produce professional Facebook Lives like a TV studio, you should look into Wirecast or the open-source alternative OBS studio. If you want to look professional and possibly have guests or share your screen, but want it to be as easy as logging into a web application, then I recommend looking at BeliveTv for 12–20/month or my new favorite eCamm Live that will cost you a one time fee of $40. Please note: If doing Facebook Live from a computer, you will also want to hook up at least a high-definition webcam and use a good microphone and all of the programs mentioned make it really easy to sync with your cameras and audio gear.

Types of Facebook Live Shows are there?

What type of content should you be creating if you are a personal brand, podcaster, online or small business? There are no rules and you should always try to create content that aligns with your brand and connects with your target audience or if you have no audience yet, it should be entertaining, interesting or informative or a combination of all three. Sample Ideas: Q&A sessions (aka Ask Mike Murphy) Gather questions in advance on other social channels While waiting for questions, explain the topics and what you are looking for Schedule on a consistent time schedule Bring People Along: Going to Podfest or Podcast Movement or a Social Media Conference? Go live Or a sporting event, concert, parade Or any live event you are interested in Bring people along and provide commentary Vlog Style/BTS Bring people live while you workout if you are in health space Realtors can take people along on their open houses or how they prepare to go show houses. Explain your process Podcasters can show them setting up a recording Designers & artists and writers can show the tools they use to write and organize and what their desk looks like to inspire them to create. Video makers can explain their lights and green screen and, camera setups Unboxing tech and gear Going on a trip, go live from the road or at the airport Walk through how you created your most recent YouTube or Instagram post, etc Create a Live Show As Gary Vee says all the time, brands and businesses need to act like media companies. Start your own live show or interview show or talk show and make the rules. Have a co-host and go live once a week Do daily news updates Do weekly book or podcast or tech reviews Spotlight members of your community Do a live coaching calls Do graphic design, video editing, audio tutorials. Bonus Tip: Turn your Facebook Live Shows into a podcast when they are finished. This takes a little extra work, but you have the recording of the video, so all you need to do is strip the audio, clean it up and convert it to a podcast and be sure to post the video on YouTube and spread clips around your social channels.

Q&A Session with Ross Brand of LivestreamUniverse.com.

Is Facebook Live beginner friendly? Can anyone do it or do you need to have broadcast experience to be successful at. And here is what he had to say: How do you manage a livestream? What do you do if nobody shows up when you go live How do you get people to interact and engage with a livestream? Is Facebook Live a trend? I s there a future to livestreaming on Facebook?

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