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Today I take you behind the scenes of The Mike Murphy 90-day Health & Wellness Project I am working on. Introduction to the 2018 Health & Wellness Project Episode Breakdown: An overview of the project My personal goals at the start of the project My business goals for my client My content strategy and approach The tools and resources used to document the project To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -Buddha https://youtu.be/Htz6dMP_vog

My Thoughts:

There is no doubt in my mind that the secret to success in business and happiness in life is health. Both physically and mentally. Don’t you feel good when you are lean or lose a few pounds or your nagging back stops hurting for a minute or you take a vacation and free your mind from the constant social media dings or work-related stress? Yet, it seems like we are taught from the first day of school straight through college that working hard and getting good grades takes priority over gym class and feeding our creativity with art and music. I think a balance of both is a winning combination.

My Current State of Health:

In summary: I think I am in pretty good shape mentally and physically for a 48-year old but I want to be better. I have back issues due to a lifetime of bad posture and when my back acts up. I sometimes have trouble breathing and I don’t like that feeling at all.

My exercise routine:

I ride my bike every morning and afternoon for a total of 15–20 miles per day and I try to get in at least 5 miles of walking in every day. I eat healthy mostly because I like healthy and light food and cannot remember the last time I had fast food or anything deep-fried. I see myself as more of a laid-back exerciser and health-conscious person and I am often in pain with my back or headaches and the stomach area is getting pretty soft and I feel stressed even though I am a master at ignoring it. Here’s the deal: I am a fixer and I am relentless at getting better at everything I do for my business and in life. I am on this journey to be create a life that not only brings me financial freedom but more importantly I want to be happy and enjoy life on my terms. There is no doubt in my mind if I elevate my physical and mental health to an optimal state and continue strengthening my content creation and education skills, I will be a force to reckon with and in my eyes, unstoppable. People are naturally attracted to confidence and want to do business with others who have positive energy and a skip in their step and that’s what being in good physical and mental health brings. I want more of that, don’t you? “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

The 2018 Mike Murphy Health & Wellness Project

Background: I have been consulting and helping a local indoor cycling/spinning studio (Cycle Guroo in Naples, FL) with their content marketing strategy and social media presence to generate more local business and promote their brand as the best place in town to improve physical and mental health through exercise, empowerment, confidence and positive vibes. CYCLE GUROO What is Spinning? A spin class is a high intensity cycling workout that generally takes place on a stationary bike with a tension wheel to add or take away tension to simulate hills. There is loud music and dark with colored lights making you feel like you are at a concert or rollerskating rink and the instructor is at the front of the class yelling out directions and trying to keep people positive and motivated. The Project: I came up with the idea that I would begin an exercise program at the studio and capture it all from start to finish and share the content and ideas for how to use the content to up their online presence and bring more clients through the door. I have never tried spinning and quite honestly was a little nervous as high-intensity/cardio workouts has never seemed too fun for me (aka brutal). The project is for 90-days and ends on April 15, 2018. In that period, I will document the experience and transformation in audio, video and text format and share the journey online on my social media channels such as Instagram Stories and in this podcast and eventually on YouTube and in livestreams. The content I create will simultaneously promote my personal brand and serve as a case study and proof of transformation for the cycling studio to target prospective clients who want to get in better shape physically or mentally or find balance in their busy working and family life. My personal goals: Develop a solid Early morning routine to make me more productive all day. Positive mindset, happiness, feeling good Leaner and stronger upper body Less pain in back Better breathing/cardio Natural high Energy and focus Stronger personal brand as a result of inspiring and encouraging others to be the best they can be at their craft and in their personal life. My goals for the client: Win-win is very important for me. I want them to feel like they got value from this project. Also, to help them Generate local buzz and increase clients. Help them bring a spotlight to the characteristics that make them different such as high energy and positivity. I want to show them simple and innovative ways to create and distribute content to give their current and prospective clients the best experience possible by educating their clients and website visitors on the benefits of taking classes at their studio. Up their online game basically.

My content strategy and approach

The simpler the better so I would not lose momentum or interest. My strategy is to capture video everyday I go to class and take my Instagram Stories viewers along with me and use the video footage to create small clips that I will share on Instagram & Facebook. Create good written content for Medium.com and Facebook that will serve as inspirational and motivational content. The strategy for the client is to trust my instincts and gut as I normally do and help them by giving my unique observation and perspective of ways they can create content to solve problems or to get people excited or motivated. For example, I observed 2 people who came in and said they got lost and I was told this happens all the time. I suggested the studio brainstorm a list of 100 things that seem so simple and obvious to them, but may not to a first timer or someone who may be too shy to ask silly questions and to create Q&As and do livestreams covering the basics of the business. Hours, location, what kind of shoes should they wear, do they need to bring a water bottle, can they buy things…The basics and fundamentals are really powerful marketing tools and I pay attention to the details, so my strategy is to make them aware of the un-obvious things that make good and helpful content. So my main strategy is to capture each day in little bits of video footage and written word and create mini pieces of content along the way that I will cross-promote when it makes sense or provide guidance and insight as I see fit.

Tools & Resources I will be using:

GoPro Hero 4 IPhone X Joby Gorillapod Manfrotto TwistGrip Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod DJI Osmo mobile Rode VideoMicro


The road to happiness and success is not possible without being physically and mentally strong and all it takes is making the effort to show up and start. If I elevate my physical and mental health, my clients and my work will reap the benefits too. It’s all connected and nothing is guaranteed or owed to us just because we work hard. You have to want it really bad and make it happen anyway you can. I recognized that I was letting work take priority of my health and I saw the future me being really stressed and working harder on making videos and trying to generate business and letting my exercise and health suffer in the process. I knew I had to put the brakes on. Workmode is required for all of us, but it will all be for nought if you do not put the most effort into your health and well-being. To Be Continued… Today’s episode is to be continued as I do not know how the story ends, but now you know how it started. Is there something you really want to do or an aspect of your life you know needs improvement but you keep putting it off? Have you been thinking of starting a podcast or blog or YouTube channel for a long time but just can’t get up the nerves or maybe you think it will be too much work? Are you in debt or not happy in your job or overweight or feeling stressed or angry? Are you sick all the time or in pain or just not 100%? The smallest move can motivate you and before you know it, your months into something and so happy you did. If you want to start a podcast, don’t think of all the steps, maybe design the cover art or buy a domain name or put up a website. Don’t put stress or pressure on yourself or feel like you need to prove anything to anyone. If there is something you really want or need to do to improve your situation, you have no choice but to just put one foot forward and you will be amazed at how fast before you reap the benefits no matter how big or small. Take care of yourself first and everyone wins. Stop making excuses, there is no do-over.

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