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Four months in traction and a full body cast Hearing the Grateful Dead for the first time A curious and creative mind are major components of my story and who I am. Today I write my own Wikipedia page and share my background and story with you. Episode 123 is about personal branding and going behind the scenes and is the facts and some highlights and turning points. My history, profile and resume all rolled into one. My baseball card. https://youtu.be/FeGoAjgRnz0

What is the purpose of today’s Episode 123?

Today is about taking action and putting one foot forward. In January of 2017, I promised I would write a book by the end of the year. I failed. **Today in Episode 123, I start my book: ** One Man Band: Create the Life You Want with the introduction of who I am and the paths I took to get here. My name is Mike Murphy, I am a one man band. I am creating the life I want and this book is my step by step blueprint that I hope will teach, inspire and motivate others to create the life they want. Requirements to create the life you want: You have to start and hard work.

Core Principles of the Book:

Learning: Feed your brain and stay sharp. Creating: Find your voice and uniqueness by doing and practicing things that interest and excite you and then get really good at them. Move Forward: You only lose what you cling to (Buddha)…Stop dwelling on the past and focus on the good things ahead.

My origin story:

I was born in Syracuse, NY in November of 1969. Scorpio. I was the baby of the family with an older brother and sister. My father spends the winters here in Florida My mother died in 2006 and that sucked.

Early School Days:

I hated Duck Duck Goose in school because I was shy and and I didn’t like how it put people on the spot. I tend to protect the underdogs. In the 4th grade I won the best all around student and I would have done anything to be absent on that day than to have to walk down an aisle in front of the whole school. I do not like attention or praise all that much. You know that ad, Wanna Get Away….that was me anytime nice things were said about me or when people do really nice things for me. A Surprise birthday party would be my worst nightmare still. I have a hard time receiving gifts. I like the tradition of Hobbits who gave rather than received gifts on their birthday. I’m getting much better.

Pulling from Opposite Sides:

I do not like all eyes on me, yet I just recorded a podcast and write a chapter all about me. Starting this podcast and putting myself out there in videos for the world was not in my comfort zone by any means, but I knew I had to do it if I wanted to achieve what I want. What I ultimately want is happiness and freedom to do what I want and make a living doing it. I have a not—always-so-obvious confidence about myself and my shyness is not about insecurity or fear. I actually credit Gary Vaynerchuk for helping me understand the concept of push and pull and drawing from opposite sides as I have done this my whole life but could never describe or understand it. I am a lone wolf and introvert, yet I get along with everyone and have been in the service industry my whole life. I am shy and do not want to be in the spotlight, but I love to teach and have always been more of a leader than follower. I can pull from opposite extremes effortlessly and I always saw this as somewhat hypocritical, but now I see it as a superpower. Adaptability and flexibility are strengths of mine. I pride myself on being nimble and swift and much like a raft on the river, I always try to follow the bubble line and take the smoothest route possible. I do not like conflict and seek harmony. There are so many reasons why I could fail at running my own business, but fear of being knocked down or held back by anything or anyone will not be one of them.

Turning points in my life:

I broke my femur when I was 13. I was in traction in the hospital for 6 weeks. I was in a full body cast for 8 weeks. I was in therapy for a year. My dream of being in the NBA were over (probably not related to my ski accident) I loved music. I discovered the Grateful Dead. I traveled to shows all over the country. There are very few things that have impacted me as powerfully and positively as the experiences I have had and shared with others and places I have traveled because of this band and I am a better person because of it. I learned the value of travel and adventure and being resourceful and how to treat others with kindness and respect. Looking back I have no idea how I pulled it off as I never seemed to have any money, but nothing seemed impossible for me and I still have that mentality. I have no idea what is going to happen with my online business, but I know that I will be alright and figure something out no matter what happens. I owe much of this to the good old Grateful Dead and their relentless mantra of always carving their own path. It’s why I see myself as a one man band and why I love the Nietzche quote: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and still do.

Fast Forward:

I went to college at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and graduated in 4 years with an English Degree cum laude. I have always pushed myself to work hard and be disciplined. That may explain to some of you why I have created content every day for over 2 years without missing one day. I don’t cut myself much slack. I have lived in Portland Oregon, Missoula, Montana, Canterbury NH, Durango and Denver Colorado and now Naples, FL. My mother told me that My attention and excitement lasts about 5–7 years and then I need to move on to move on to the next thing calling me and give it a go. It’s true. I have a curious mind and I refuse to settle in mediocrity or boredom. So when I feel stagnant or uninspired, I adapt and make a change. I’m doing it right now and creating the life I want. I now rent a small cottage in Naples, FL two blocks from the beach and I do not own a car or a suit and tie. I moved to Naples Florida to help build up a photography studio and it was one of the best decisions of my life because I spent every day learning about tech and design and business and all the things I love to do and now I am trying to make a living sharing my knowledge and helping others along the way. I work hard and I do not have a clue what is in store for me, but I am giving it my all.


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