In Episode #122:
I will share my 2018 Roadmap to keep me on track this year.

What is my mantra or theme for 2018?
What are my priorities for Mike Murphy LLC in 2018?
What type of content will l be creating and how often?

Roadmap Quote:

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

It was paraphrased form a dialogue between Alice & the Cheshire Cat:

Alice: ”Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?“
Cheshire Cat: ”That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
Alice: ”I don’t much care where—“
Cheshire Cat: ”Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,“
Alice: ”—so long as I get SOMEWHERE,”
Cheshire Cat: “Oh, you’re sure to do that,”…”if you only walk long enough.”

I love simple life lessons like this from Alice in Wonderland, but this is one of the reasons I do this episode each year. Creating a roadmap forces me to think about my objectives and aspirations in detail and makes achieving some of them a reality by putting a plan in place. The roadmap points me in the right direction and I know I’ll steer off course at times, but it gives me clarity in understanding the general direction I want to get to.

My Mantra & Theme for 2018:

2017 was all about simplicity and reducing physical and mental clutter and that will not change, which is still in full effect.

2018 is fundamentals and storytelling.

My story:
Who am I?
What am I doing?
Why am I doing it?
How am I doing it.

I am creating a blueprint or template of my journey that will help me achieve my big-picture goals while helping others create the life they want through the content I create.

I love helping people, but I finally realize that in order for me to do that, I have to take care of myself first and be my main priority and I have not always done that so well.

Why storytelling as a theme for 2018?

People trust and buy from brands that have an origin or back-story they like or can relate to and I know that sharing my story will help me clarify my intentions and purpose and hopefully resonate with others who will be motivated and inspired because of something I shared. That sounds pretty good to me.

My name is Mike Murphy, I am a one man band and I help people figure things by teaching the tools you need to know so you can move forward in business in life.

I use the catch-phrase Create the Life You Want because that is exactly what I am doing. 2018 is sharing the blueprint for my story.

The 2018 Mike Murphy LLC Roadmap:

Priority #1: Murphy Concierge (Generating Income)
Same as last year. My side hustle Murphy Concierge, that I created at the end of 2017 has started off strong and will be my business focus for 2018 because I love it so much and it has the potential to pay my bills and give me some breathing room.

Murphy Concierge makes me think of the famous Confucius quote:
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
It’s that good, so Murphy Concierge will grow in 2018.

Priority #2: Tutorials & Classes:
Teaching and creating educational content is the core of my personal brand, so this will be a priority in every roadmap, but in 2018 I want to create with more intention and focus than I did in 2017.

I pride myself on creating daily content. It pushes me creatively and quite honestly I do it because it differentiates me from others. It is not easy creating videos 365 days per year and this is all part of my big story. I want to be recognized as pushing the envelope and not being average or like everyone else. I believe I can outwork most anyone, but working smarter is a much better plan of attack.

My game-plan is to teach for the beginner mind and bundle my tutorials into fundamental packages or classes that I can sell. I hate to cook, but I see my tutorials as recipes and I want to create cookbooks that people can use to create things for their businesses and brands.

Priority #3: The One Man Band Book:
My plan was to write it in 2017 and I came up short. I’m gonna try again in 2018. This podcast is going to play a vital role in writing this book and I hope to share chapters or the entire thing in audio form as episodes if the response is good and it translates well, but all I can say is I plan to experiment a little and shake things up, but I have no idea how it will pan out. If I do not think it is good content for you, then I will not do it and if I get positive feedback then I will do more. Fundamentals and basics.

Priority 3.5 Writing:
The book is the big goal, but Priority #3 of writing is more than the book. I really do not love the act of writing because it is really hard on me mentally, but it is one of my strengths and I tend to ignore it, but in 2018, I want to embrace it a little more and repurpose my already existing content into articles for my online portfolio. I write a lot everyday. Every tutorial, post and podcast is a lot of writing. My goal is to tighten up the packaging and message. Fundamentals and story. Writing is the foundation of all content and it is one of my superpowers whether I want to admit it or not, so I must flex that muscle some more as that is usually where the magic happens.

Priority 4: Ask Mike Murphy:
I thrive on the Q&A and I think it will take my authority and personal brand building to another level. So, Ask Mike Murphy is something I want to incorporate into the mix.

Priority 5: YouTube:
I want to find my groove and grow a community on YouTube and is one of the reasons I want to work on the fundamentals and storytelling aspects of my content and continue to try and generate income through Adsense and doing product mentions with Amazon Affiliate links.

Priority 6: Health & Wellness:
I want to be in really good shape mentally and physically as I believe that to be the most important piece of the whole entrepreneurial and life puzzle. In everything I am doing and teaching, being happy and healthy are probably the things that are heaviest on my mind and I think what most people want in some form or another. One of my priorities is to create more content around the role of health and wellness in my journey and to document more of my routines and to up my wellness game because I know it is vital for my success and it is a great way to connect and inspire people . When I feel good about myself, everything around me changes. People seem nicer to me, opportunities magically appear and life just seems good. Who doesn’t want more of that. I do, so I am listing it as a priority.

The Recap
My mantra or theme for 2018 is fundamentals and storytelling.
Getting back to the basics in my tutorials and classes I plan on making and telling my story of who I am, what I am doing, why I am working so hard and how I am creating content and the tools and resources I use to move the bus forward.

My priorities or focus areas for 2018:
Murphy Concierge as my main source of income
Creating more focused and quality tutorials
Creating bite-sized classes of step-by-step processes.
Writing the One Man Band Book one chapter at a time and sharing the process and possibly entire chapters on the podcast
Writing and repurposing content and distributing as articles
Ask Mike Anything livestreams on Facebook & YouTube
Building my YouTube Channel
Health and Wellness.

This seems like a big list and it is. But, everything is connected as I see it and it is my ultimate goal to create a content machine that is nearly automatic and flows. Murphy Concierge is solving problems and those problems become content for tutorials and those tutorials get bundled into packages, and my process and routines get documented in articles and videos to inspire and motivate me and others and people want to know how I do everything and stay so healthy and positive so I do weekly Ask Mike Anythings where I build a community and grow my brand. Something like that. And of course before I do any of these things, I wake up early after a good night’s sleep to write my book, exercise and eat a healthy meal. All doable and a pretty good plan if I do say so myself.

The Content Schedule for 2018:

What will I be creating and how often?
My plan is to create less content in 2018

Podcast & Newsletter will still be 1 per week.
Tutorials & Quick Tips: 3 per week
Medium.com articles: 2 per week.
Instagram, Facebook, Linked In: 5 days per week
Instagram Stories: 7 days per week
Live Stream: 1 times per week

Step by Step bundled class: 2 for sale by the end of year
Book: 1 book in draft form by July 2018
Merch: 1 Signature T-shirt

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