EP121: THE 2017 SHOW

Today is a reflection show as I look back at 2017 and how I did with the 2017 Roadmap I created in Episode 70 back in January of 2017. Today’s episode will include: My 5 Favorite episodes from 2017 and why. Overview and Goals of the 2017 Roadmap Show The results or report card for Mike Murphy LLC. https://youtu.be/enX7HU1mXcs

My 5 Favorite Episodes of 2017:

The Personal Brand Shows: (EP82 & 83) I thought were thorough and had some good information. I worked hard on those. The Simplify Show (EP91) 2017 was the year of de-cluttering my mind and space and I got a lot of feedback from people sharing they want to clean up their space and get a grip on stuff. I liked this show. The Dead Show (EP95) was about my trip to Boston and talking about my favorite band is always easy and fun for me. The Irma Show (EP106) Storytelling is not something I have ever thought I was good at, but I enjoyed writing this show and it got a lot of positive feedback. The Self-Doubt Show (EP110) This was another storytelling episode and about some of my favorite memories on the river in Colorado. This one had a special meaning for me and was pleased with how it came out. Overall Podcast Reflections: I was happy with the quality of content. I struggled this year dedicating time to podcasting and coming up with topics. It’s not easy showing up week after week with other projects calling for attention. Hard work is a requirement to success, so I find a way to get it done. Overall I was proud of the content and think there was good stuff in every episode and that is all I care about.

The 2017 Roadmap Assessment:

Note: This podcast holds me accountable for a lot. I would not create a Roadmap or look back on the year without this podcast, so I am thankful for it as it really helps me to plan and re-align each year. This podcast was started in September of 2015 and the main goal of this podcast and creating content has always been to move me forward in business and life and inspire and motivate others along the way. A rising tide lifts all boats. Stopping to look in the mirror and do a quick gut check is well worth the time and that is what today’s episode 121 is all about, so let’s go and see how I did in 2017. And again, in next week’s episode 122, I’ll document where I want to steer the bus in 2018.

2017 Roadmap:

Part 1:Simplicity in physical stuff, mindset and business. My mantra and the theme I wanted to keep for 2017 was simplicity across the board. Clutter free. Intentional. Focus. Clarity. Less is more. My version of minimalism. My quote for 2017: “Take what you need and leave the rest” -The Band For Physical Stuff Simplicity: Selling gear and things on FB Marketplace and removing everything I do not use or need in my house and studio and my entire environment. I purged and sold off a lot and it really affected me in a positive way to have less clutter around. Grade: Pass For Mindset Simplicity: In the 2017 Roadmap, I used the Sanskrit word my Yoga teacher taught me, Santosha which translates to being totally satisfied and not desiring anything other than the fundamentals and doing one’s best. I scored well here too. I made a conscious effort to not beat myself up for things I did not do and to be proud of all that I have done. This is new territory for me and I can still push myself pretty hard, but I can tell you that positivity works. Good things happen when you feel good. The more I learn and create, the more confident I feel and I can tell you in 2017 I really paid almost no attention to what others were doing and felt as confident as ever in my path and had a very full steam ahead mentality. I did my thing with no regrets or apologies with 100% genuine intentions. It felt good. Grade: Pass. . For Business Simplicity & Focus: On The 2017 Roadmap: Priority 1. Generate steady income to replace my lagging computer and fill my travel fund and piggy bank to buy my van to travel around the world podcasting, teaching and creating content. Priority 2: To build up podcastertoolkit.co, my resource site about podcasting and Priority 3: To be a super-teacher and create tutorials and classes. Results: I did not pass with flying colors I struggled financially and did not build a travel and van fund. I did not get much accomplished on podcastertoolkit.co I did far exceed content goals of making tutorials. I started MurphyConcierge.com, which is my side hustle and starting off strong. Grade: Satisfactory (Needs improvement)

Part 2: The 2017 Roadmap

Video Priorities: Increase Live-streaming, video editing and workflow, promo videos and motivational videos. I pushed myself hard creatively and with workload and I was proud of all I did. I made some good promo videos, my podcast videos are not easy, but I think they were good and I made some advertisement style animations and short videos for fun and to pump up my brand a little. I came up short with my live-streaming goals but did share a lot of sunsets with people on Facebook Grade: Pass Social Media Priorities: Instagram & Facebook & LinkedIn Still not a fan of LinkedIn but I tried by cleaning up my page and profile and making connections. I went strong on Insta & Facebook Grade: Pass Writing Priorities: Be Consistent writing on Medium.com Grade: pass Write a Book: Grade: Skipped class

Part 3: The 2017 Roadmap Content Goals

What will I be creating and how often? How did I do in 2017? Goal: Podcast & Newsletter will still be 1 per week. Results: I have not missed one episode or newsletter mailing since I started in 2015. Goal: Tutorials & YouTube Posts up to 2 per week. Results: I crushed this number as I made 365 videos last year. I did not miss one day. Yikes. And yes, it was hard. Goal: Write Articles up to 2 per week. Results: I was consistent on Medium.com Goal: Social Media Including Instagram 7 days per week Live Video on Insta or Facebook: 3 times per week Results: Never Missed a day on Insta or Facebook, but could improve on Live Video. I told a lot of Instagram Stories, so my Live Video game is ready. Goals: Classes on Skillshare: 4 Personal Class: 1 Book: 1 Results: Zero


The year of simplicity gets a passing grade from me. I have never worked harder in my life on my personal development, creativity and business goals. I did not have much financial success but I made major strides forward. My workspace is clean, I have less stuff, my iPhone only has apps I use. I stayed in my lane of creating content and helping people. I worked hard on my storytelling skills using Instagram Stories and in the podcast and I expect to ramp this up in 2018, but I will share my 2018 plan in the next episode 122.


I want to hear from you. Did this podcast help you in any way? Do you have any feedback for me? Is there anything you want me to teach or talk about in 2018? Please email me at: mike@mikemurphy.co Send a Direct Message on: Instagram Facebook

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