EP116: The Franklin Show

Today is a mobile podcast episode as I am recording this episode in Franklin, Tennessee.

Holiday Episode 116:

Black Friday Updates
History lesson of Franklin & Nashville, Tennessee
Behind the scenes look into my mobile podcast and gear kit that I brought to record audio and create content.

First and foremost:
I hope you all had had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and you were able to relax, enjoy some friends and family and eat well. I did all of those things.


Episode 116: The Franklin Show:

Black Friday Updates:

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Franklin & Nashville Trivia

  1. Franklin was named after Ben Franklin. It was almost called Marthasville, so good job there Tennessee.
  2. Tennessee was originally part of North Carolina, but broke off in 1796 to become the 16th US State.
  3. Nashville was founded on Christmas eve in 1779
  4. The first woman sentenced to die by electrocution in Tennessee in 1949
  5. Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase “good to the last drop after drinking a locally produced coffee a the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville
  6. Nashville was the first city in the country to get a FM-broadcasting license in 1941.
  7. Oprah Winfrey got her start in television as the first African-American female news anchor at a Nashville station
  8. United Records Pressing has produced recordings for numerous legendary performers and is one of only four companies in the nation still producing vinyl records.
  9. It is illegal to keep a cheetah as a pet in Nashville
  10. The Grand Ole Opry is the longest-running radio show in the world.

Mobile Podcast & Travel Gear

BUBM Travel Bag:
2-Tier Travel Bag & Electronics Organizer
Organize audio gear, electronics, cables. Stuff it in your backpack or luggage.
BUBM: Be you, Be Myself

Amazon Link:

The swiss army knife of audio
Amazon Link:

Shure SM58:
Amazon Link:

Samson Q2U:
Amazon Link:

Eneloop Batteries (AA):
Amazon Link:


Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone plugged into Zoom H6 Hand Recorder using XLR connector.
Zoom H6 has memory card.
Memory card to computer and edit in Adobe Audition.

IOS Recordings:
The app I use to record on iPhone & iPad:


Thank you and happy holidays from Franklin, Tennessee

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