EP114: The Holiday Gift Guide Show

In today’s episode I take you behind the scenes of the 2017 Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide for Content Creators What this episode will cover: What is the Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide for Content Creators? Why did I create the Holiday Guide? Aka. What are my goals How do I make the content? Where do I distribute the content? https://youtu.be/UasePf5eceA


I taught myself how to use After Effects in November 2016 to animate some gear demonstrations and how-to’s and this turned into the 2016 Holiday Gift & Gear Guide. The problem: Because I was new to After Effects and I was biting off more than I could chew, videos were taking 4–6 hours every night and I did not want to repeat that in 2017, but wanted to continue with the Gear Guide. Tip: If you want to learn a new tool like Photoshop or After Effects or Premiere, jump in and try to complete finished projects vs just learning the overview of how the program works. Get your hands dirty. Pat on the back Moment: I have uploaded a video every single day since November 1st 2016. That’s a lot of videos

What is the Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide for Content Creators?

The Gift Guide itself is a combination of video, text and since I’m talking about it on this podcast, audio. The three pillars of content creation. The Gift Guide will include approximately 25–30 products that I think will make good gifts for creatives and online business owners. Each video has a mini-blog post with all the details about the product and what it does and all the relevant details and I post the text and video on Insta, Facebook, YouTube and some will go on Medium.com. I also made a unique page on my website for all of the videos and links. View the Master Gift List on Amazon:

Why Did I Create the Gift & Gear Guide?

Business and brand building by honing in on a new style of tech review and tutorial that may attract vendors and brands who want me to use their products and because I think over time I am going to develop a style that is quality and helpful. Monetization. I am trying to build a business doing what I love and that requires income, so making videos about gear is a good way to direct traffic to my Amazon affiliate links and build a passive income revenue stream over time. Uniqueness. 3. I’m a one man band beating to my own drum and just trying to keep things genuine and all me. Uniqueness is a strategy for the Mike Murphy brand.

How do I make the content?

Camera: Logitech c920 Microphone: Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic Video Editors: Screenflow (to record) Camtasia & Premiere to Edit Videos Adobe After Effects to spruce it up Click For free 30-day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud

Where do I distribute the content?

YouTube Instagram Facebook Medium Website

2017 Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide:

Amazon (I upload each gift as I release the video)

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