Episode 110: The Self-Doubt Show

Today is storytelling episode all about self doubt and whitewater rafting. Episode 110 is about having the confidence to create the life you want and overcoming self-doubt. The dictionary definition of Self-Doubt: the lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.

Whitewater Rafting Story:

Listen to Audio https://youtu.be/2I0jDmr3FpA Summary: I lived in Durango, Colorado for many years. I worked as a bartender and one of my favorite activities was whitewater rafting. College I attended: University of Massachusetts-Amherst River Mentioned in Episode: Cataract Canyon, Utah

The Moral of The Story

Self-doubt by definition is the lack of confidence in one’s abilities, but self-doubt from inexperience is natural. It takes time to be great. Use inexperience as fuel to get better because you are worth it. Ignore the chatter and naysayers The self-doubt in many cases is not your own, it’s the doubt of those around you. You are putting too much effort and focus on proving your worth and abilities to others instead of putting all of your efforts to get from one side of the river to the other like you set out to do and know you can do it with a little effort. Use self-doubt caused by inexperience and lack of time to your advantage to make you hungry and work even harder. Do not misinterpret this as a sign that you need to quit or give up and whatever you do, distance yourself from negativity that is trying to make their doubt your own. I publish content everyday because I am creating the life I want and I know what it takes for me to get there. Creating moves me forward.

In Conclusion:

Building an online business is hard. Creating daily content is hard. Producing this podcast every week is hard. Creating a life that can support me doing what I love is hard. I never thought it would be easy, did you? Self-doubt is real all I ask of you is that you understand the source and do not give up too soon for the wrong reasons is all. There is no universal timeline that guarantees success in podcasting or starting a business, but there is a guarantee that to be good and confident and skilled at anything takes time and patience and without either it’s not going to happen. You got this and if I can help, just say the word.

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