EP109: The Digital Cleanup Show

Today I am going to help you clean up your digital and online world (computer, iDevices, social media and online platforms) to improve productivity, focus and give you peace of mind.

Episode 108: The Priority Show (Part 1)

Priority is something that is more important than another. Clean your home and work environments to help focus and achieve clarity in what you work on and what is most important.

The Goal of Today’s Show:

To share what’s working for me and motivate or help some of you start the process of eliminating things that are not necessary in your home, work and digital environments so you can see more clearly and focus on what matters most.

Why De-Clutter? To give you some space to breathe, reduce stress, increase productivity and make you smile more and who doesn’t like the sound of that.

This exercise is strictly a mindset hack to trick you into introducing some positive new habits that carry over to all parts of your life and business. The less things you have to think about, the more things you can enjoy.

Digital De-Clutter:

Email Management. The goal is to achieve Inbox Zero. My inbox is my todo list. Once I reply or follow up I archive the email.

Photo & Media. Organize and backup photos. Delete junk photos. Export all photos from iPhone and iPad to computer/external drive. Use Lightroom or Photos to organize and clean. Use simple folder structures to catalog photos/media. I use one folder called Photos. Inside master folder I organize by Year.

Backup Plan I keep all of my data on two external drives that are exact clones of each other.

My data is backed up 24/7 automatically using Backblaze

Clean Up Desktop & Folders Desktop clutter causes stress. Do not use it as your organization folder. Clean up and purge your documents folder, downloads folder and empty the trash on your computer. Clean up your downloads folder filled with useless zip files and dmg installers (you know who you are). Clean up your web browsers (empty cache, clean up favorites, bookmarks, extensions)

Delete Apps & Software Programs If you do not use an app, delete it. All of that HP Crapware and old Adobe versions and everything else that is not important.

IOS Devices:

Reduce dinging and popups and notifications is one of our major goals. .

Clear Unread notifications (those little red numbers all over the place)

Clear Mail, Messages, Twitter, Software updates, etc.

iOS Apps. Delete or offload every app on your iPhone and iPad that you do not use at least once a week or month.

Unsubscribe Unsubscribe from as many email subscriptions, YouTube channels and even podcasts. We’re trying to reduce the amount of notifications that fight for our attention. Peace.

Social Media Cleanup. Clean up all of your social media accounts and unfollow all of the accounts that you do not know or have no idea why you follow them. Twitter & Instagram especially.

Unjoin Facebook groups, Unfollow people who you do not interact with and audit your friend’s list.

Productivity Toolkit**

Contacts List: Consolidate and cross-reference your contacts and make sure you only have one master list and it syncs across all devices.

I use Apple/iCloud Contacts

Calendar. Understand how it syncs and what is your main calendar. Be confident when you add an event from any device you know it will sync everywhere and you will not miss appointments.

I use Google Calendar

To Do Apps: Consolidate all of your business tools into one simple system. I deleted ToDoist, Evernote, etc.

I use Apple Notes App.

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