EP107: The 2nd Anniversary Show

Today is the second birthday and/or second anniversary of Mike Murphy Unplugged, so cheers to me and to you for listening week after week and for all the support.

Welcome to this special anniversary edition Episode 107:

Today is going to be a story-time episode about the origin of this podcast and a reflection of my first two years as a podcaster and how it has affected my business and life.


Birthday: The anniversary of a birth Anniversary: The yearly recurrence and celebration of a past event.

The Origin Story of Mike Murphy Unplugged

Launch Date: Friday September 25, 2015.

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Why did I start this podcast?

Today’s Answer: To help build my personal brand which is based on teaching people things that would make their lives or business better.

Yesterday’s Answer: The answer to that question on September 25, 2015 is I had too much information in my head that I wanted to share with people and a podcast was the perfect platform for me to give it a shot:

Self-Education: I am a student of everything. I spend a lot of time learning new things and practicing getting better at old things. Lots of reading and online classes and tutorials.

My job managing and designing for the photography studio was 8+ years of learning: Accounting, business, sales, marketing, IT networking, data backups, servers, photography, lighting, video, graphic design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and all of the Adobe Suite.

I knew a lot about a little but always searching for that magic ‘thing’ I was supposed to do.

Flashback Time:

I started a Blogger website in the early 2000’s called The Acoustic Blog

I taught myself HTML and CSS, design, web colors, typograhy, SEO, Google Adsense, etc.

I wrote articles on all that interested me: tech news (aka Apple vs Microsoft), travel, culture, arts & design and music.

I was writing and thinking and sharing things that I thought was cool and that I found helpful or valuable to me.

2004/2005…The iPod came out and I immediately fell in love with podcasts because all of the cool silicon valley tech bloggers were doing them.

I was listening to podcasts or watched tech shows that taught me useful information that I could apply to my own blog or help me create stuff on the computer (John C Dvorak, Merlin Mann, Kevin Rose, Leo LaPorte and all of the CNET shows)…Not much has changed.

I stopped blogging, but I never stopped listening and watching podcasts. Podcasts about photography, Photoshop, design, tech..you know. I spent along time consuming and learning too much.

Fast Forward

What does my failed blogging career have to do with this podcast? Well, everything it turns out.

The titles: The Acoustic Blog and Mike Murphy Unplugged. Music and audio has always been a staple in my life. Acoustic and unplugged removes all of the complexities and makes it really easy to understand both artistically and visually. That is how I want to teach.

I try to take complicated software and tools and resources that I use and love and make them really easy to use and understand for others.

Next I was writing and learning about the same things that still excite me today. And everything I learned I wanted to share with people who I thought would also be interested or if I thought it would help them with whatever they were trying to achieve in life or business. I loved learning and creating and teaching but never put it all together.

Moral of the story: do not overthink things if you feel stuck or not sure what to do. What I am trying to do today is exactly what I was trying to do 20 years ago and I never realized the similarities. I like to share interesting technologies or tips and tricks that I think are helpful or provide some value even if to make someone smile.

The Launch

In 2015, I launched MikeMurphy.co . I didn’t know what I was good at or what my thing was.

I thought of many different ideas that I thought were good business ideas to try and fit in the specialty box. Video production, video editing, branding and design for businesses, Photoshop work and retouching.

I owned several domain names and made logos for each idea, but my gut resisted all of them.

I am a one man band and I was not about to do things just because the online gurus said so. I would figure out how to do my thing, my way.

In the summer of 2015, I realized podcasting would be the perfect medium for an introvert with a headful of tech and creative knowledge. The thought of learning how to record and edit audio that I could do from anywhere was very appealing for me.

In less than 30 days I started Mike Murphy Unplugged to teach and inspire people to create the life and business they want.


This podcast helped me understand that learning new skills, creating content and moving forward in business and life is why I started my original blog and why I started my personal brand and podcast. I am picking up where I left off many years ago.

I started this podcast to start something bigger and push me. But I also started it for the same reason I started The Acoustic Blog.

To do what I love and share it with others to educate them or simply inspire or motivate someone to take a chance on themselves.

Conclusion My first two years of podcasting has made a big impact on me.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and have also improved my tech and creative skills exponentially which is really important to me.

I create daily content to get better at everything. Video production, editing, audio, teaching.

My thing is creating content that teaches and inspires people and that is why I started Mike Murphy Unplugged and Mike Murphy LLC two years ago and I will continue making new episodes and daily content for as long as it takes.

I may change things up from time to time, but I will always create content with good intentions.

Thank you!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to both of us and thanks for taking the ride with me and here’s to many more.

Cheers, Mike


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