EP103: The Conference Show

Today is Part 1 of 2 episodes about attending the biggest podcasting industry conference, Podcast Movement being held in Anaheim, California August 22–25th, 2017. Episode 103: My pre-conference goals, expectations, reasons for attending and strategies and plan of attack. Episode 104: The experience and takeaways of my first Podcast Movement conference. https://youtu.be/UnLA6ctkAag

Episode 103 will cover:

What is the Podcast Movement? Why did I attend the conference and what were my goals and expectations? What was my strategy and plan for getting the most out of the conference?

What is Podcast Movement?

Podcast Movement is a 4-year old conference that started as a Kickstarter campaign and is being held in Anaheim, California Tuesday, August 22nd- 25th, 2017.


Conference Ticket: $250 Hotel Room: $189/night x 4 nights Airfare: $400 Per Diem: $100 Total: $2000

Goals & Mindset

Why did I want to attend? What were my goals and expectation? What did I hope to learn or accomplish or take away from Podcast Movement 2017? Networking Clarity Knowledge & Education Inspiration & Creativity Travel/Fun/Social Interaction


The definition of networking is: interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career in business. I am going to meet people face to face…vendors, sponsors, podcasters, online friends, people I follow, people who follow me, listeners to this podcast… My networking strategy? I am armed with uniquely designed business cards and I have practiced my elevator pitch and brand story. Who am I? What do I do? Who do I help? Etc. Listening is a big part of networking so I am thinking of questions to ask in order to get people to open up and talk while I can listen and be interested.


I am looking for help and advice in the direction of my business. My clarity strategy: To watch and observe and listen and ask a lot of questions. What are other people doing right in their business that I can apply to my own

Knowledge & Education.

I’m a tech nerd and a student of everything. I am looking to learn new technology and gear and tools to help me create better content. My strategy: Attend a variety of sessions, workshops and learn from the vendors….

Inspiration & Creativity.

I am looking to recharge and energize and refresh my creative juices. I am attending Podcast Movement for motivation and inspiration to move my business forward. Inspiration and creativity strategy: to seek out people with similar skills and interests and rinse and repeat.

Travel/Fun/Social Interaction.

I love to travel and explore and looking forward to hanging with a bunch of podcasters and creative geeks

Final Thoughts:

I am attending Podcast Movement 2017 to learn, create and move forward. Wish me luck. Cheers, Mike


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