EP102: The Instagram Strategy Show

My workflow and marketing strategy for using Instagram and Instagram Stories to promote my personal brand, podcast and online business.

In this episode:
What is my daily workflow for Instagram?
Why do I make daily content for Instagram
How long do my daily videos take to create?
Why do I use Instagram & Instagram Stories?
Why should you consider using Instagram?
Tips & Insights about Instagram & Mobile Content

The inspiration for Episode 102:
I get a lot of questions from people asking me about my thoughts on Instagram and I get a lot of questions about how I make my videos, why do I make my videos and what is my goal or expectations for using Instagram.

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Instagram Facts & Figures:

Source: SproutSocial.com

In 2016: 300 active Instagram Users

Jan 2017: In Ep71: The Instagram Live Show
there were 600 million active users on Instagram

There are over 700 million users

70% of all US businesses are using Instagram
8 million business profiles

48% of all US businesses are using Instagram
1.5 million business profiles there are over 8 million

Mobile ad revenues in 2017:

25% of all ads are video.

Instagram Stories:
250 million active daily users

On Facebook:
85% of the ads are watched without sound. Videos and visuals with text and captions are something to take note of.

Favorite Stat:
50% of the text on Instagram contains emojis.

Tip #1:
Mobile content is important. Do an audit of your website and always be thinking about creating content people will consume on phones.

My Instagram Perspective & Story:

Is Instagram My Favorite Social Channel?

I like surrounding myself with design, photography, video and creative people. Visual arts and creativity inspire me.

Instagram accolades:

As of today, I have uploaded at least one piece of hand-made content to Instagram for 693 days in a row.

Since November 1, 2016 (that’s 290 days) in a row, I have created and uploaded one video per day to Instagram.

I’m fairly certain I have never missed a day on Instagram Stories since its release

Why do I make daily videos?

(Aka…Are you nuts?)

It started out as a way to help me discover my strengths and weaknesses and to get great at making videos and tutorials and teaching people.

Making quality content and building a personal brand and online business requires skill and hard work. I am putting in the effort.

Doing and creating is the best way to progress and move forward. I never stop learning and making things.

My Daily Workflow & Routine:

How much time do I spend on those videos? (Exclamation…)
1–3 hours typically.

Step 1: Topic

Something related to content creation, personal branding, podcasting and something I use and think will be helpful to you.

Step 2: Record & edit

I use Camtasia & Screenflow to record computer screen and iOS devices.





I use Logitech 920 for webcam footage and simple b-roll of gear or actions.

Step 3: Adobe Draw

If needed, I hand-draw icons or logos in Adobe Draw using my iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

Adobe Draw


Step 4: Create Thumbnails

in Photoshop (Square & Horizontal)

Step 5: Write Step by Step

description of each tutorial using Apple Notes (great because they sync in real time across all devices).

Tip: Be sure to write descriptions and use hashtags, keywords, emojis….with your videos for SEO love.

Step 6: AirDrop Video(s) to iPhone

for upload to Instagram

Morning Routine:

4 am every day

Read news, updates, emails, respond to stuff, wake up a little, maybe a YouTube video or 2, some sports scores, etc. My time.

I upload to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and sometimes Medium in the morning.

Post to Instagram last.

Instagram Stories:

After I do all of my morning postings and admin stuff, I take my walk and exercise and say good morning on Instagram Stories. I update Stories all day long and usually end with my sunset beach time

Motivation Video Tip:
If you are nervous or scared or embarrassed to make videos and be in front of the camera, Instagram Stories & Live are great warmups because they disappear…No pressure.

More Strategy:

Instagram Live:

Has been a bit of a dud for me, but not giving up yet. Instagram has a new collaboration feature that is going to be a big deal, so I may team up with a few people and ramp up my Live game again.


Engage with others in your space or who you want to do business with or get to know more of.
Like, comment and do not be afraid of direct messaging.

Final Thoughts on Instagram:

Instagram has a lot of momentum.
Facebook owns it.
Facebook and Instagram are powerful today.
I highly recommend giving it a spin for all content creators, brands, and businesses.


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