ep101: The PR Show

Topics Include:
Tips and strategies for how to develop your own public relations department.

How to prepare for podcast interviews or live stream appearances
How To Craft Your Story
How to Create a Media Kit
How To Deliver Value as a Guest

Inspiration for Episode 101:
I am getting more inquiries to collaborate with other businesses and to be a guest on podcasts and live stream shows.

Mike Murphy, LLC

My online business in Mike Murphy LLC.
My business is centered around my personal brand, Mike Murphy.

There really is no difference, but every comment I make on Facebook or every Tweet I send and every Instagram post and podcast and YouTube tutorial I create, whether it is personal or business-related represents me and my brand.

I am my own Public Relations firm.

PR stands for Public Relations.

By definition, PR is spreading your information to the public or your listeners and followers, and the information we are discussing is free.

The purpose of PR is to raise awareness and create a positive image so others get to know and like you or your business. PR is not direct marketing or selling a product, PR is all about painting the picture and telling the story of your persona or business and getting the attention of your target audience and people you want to serve.

Weekly podcast
Daily tutorials
Articles on Medium
Answers on social media
Daily content on Instagram Stories


Being a guest on podcasts & live-streams
Gain exposure by appearing in front of other audiences…

Preparation for Being a Guest

Craft & Practice Your Story
Create a Media Kit
Deliver Value

Know Your Story. Use the same words and story over and over on every show. Tailor it as needed, but use the same words and adjectives and help people remember you.

Tip: Take online assessments like StrengthsFinder 2.0 and use words from your results in your own branding as they tell exactly who you are.

Create A Media Kit: Cheat-sheet for the host.

Include everything they need to introduce you and create a blog post and social media posts.

My Media Kit:

2- Page Google Doc PDF (descriptions of who I am, what I do, tagline, urls of websites and social media channels with profile names).

3 Images (Headshots in square & wide and podcast cover art)

Tip: Upload everything to Dropbox or your WordPress website and create a Pretty Link (short, personalized web address that you can memorize).

For example: mikemurphy.co/headshots









Deliver Value:

The host asked you on their show to make them look good by you giving their audience great content or whatever your specialty is. Double down here and you will reap the benefits of new listeners and you will gain the respect and admiration of the host, which will either get you a future invite or your name will always be at the top of their list when someone asks them for a referral.



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