Ep10: The Production Show

Step 1: Planning & Pre-Production
Step 2: Scripting (Writing)
Step 3: Production (Recording, Editing, Tagging, Exporting as MP3, Uploading to my media server)
Step 4: Web & Social Media (Show Notes, Blog Post, Artwork, Buffer Social Media Scheduling)
Step 5: Newsletter & Corresponding with you, my listeners.

Step 1: Planning & Pre-Production (2 hours)

1. Internet Research
2. Serving Hours (Answering & asking questions on social)
3. Listening and learning
4. What do people need help with?

Resource: Pocket (web clippings), Evernote & Transpose.

Step 2: Scripting (4 hours total)

Benefits of Scripting:
1. Keeps me on point. Less mums.
2. Speeds up production (recording)
3. Self-educating and making me a better teacher
4. Speeds Up Show Notes
5. Content Library is growing (future-proofing)

Resource: The writing app I use & recommend: Scrivener

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)

Step 3: Production (1.5 hours total)

Steps in Production:
1. Recording & Editing
2. Exporting as mp3 (Final Mix)
3. ID3 Tagging
4. Uploading to Libsyn, my media server
Pre-Record Checklist:
1. Record at the quietest times possible (no outside noise)
2. Turn off A/C and other appliances.
3. If your room has a lot of echo, consider blankets or pillows to dampen audio.
4. Clean desk. Get in a clutter-free mindset.
5. Have water on desk
6. Green apples helps your voice
7. Setup GoPro or cameras is I want BTS footage
8. Put on headphones, turn down external speakers
9. Open up script in Scrivener and Audition

Recording & Editing (1.5 hours): I use Adobe Audition CC. GarageBand or Audacity work well, too.

Tagging (5 minutes): ID3 Editor

Upload (10 minutes): Export audio as MP3 and upload to Libsyn.

Step 4: Show Notes & Blog(1.5 hours total)

(Show Notes, Blog Post, Artwork, Buffer Social Media Scheduling)

1. Show Notes: Show notes are a summary of your episode and it is here where you include links and references to material in your show.
2. Blog Post: My wordrpess theme, Divi by Elegant Themes makes it easy to save templates for blog posts.

Divi WordPress Theme

3. Artwork: I have a template in Photoshop where I just have to change text.
4. Schedule: I schedule post in Wordress to go out on Friday at midnight.

Step 5: Newsletter & Social (.5 hour total)

Newsletter: Mailchimp is my email newsletter provider.
Social Media: I use Buffer to schedule social posts.

Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)

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Music: Life of Riley & Wallpaper (incompetech.com)

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