Video Title:
After Effects CC 2022: How To Doodle on Videos Using Brush Tool

This tutorial will show you how to draw or doodle on video clips using the Brush Tool in the Paint Panel in Adobe After Effects CC 2022.

In order to use the Brushes in the Paint Panel, you must double-click on the Layer to open the clip as a layer

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2022 (Click To Try or Buy)

Keyboard Shortcuts::
Cmd/Ctrl + Right Arrow to move 1 Frame at a time

How To Draw or Doodle on Videos in Adobe After Effects CC 2022:

  1. Open Composition with Video Layer
  2. Double-click on the video layer to open as a layer
  3. Open the Paint Panel (Window…Paint)
  4. Opacity…100%
  5. Flow…100%
  6. Click on the Brush icon and change to Hard Brush (ex 9 pts)
  7. Click on the color swatch and pick a color
  8. For Mode…Normal
  9. Channels…RGBa
  10. Duration…Custom (or select Single Frame)
  11. Click on the number and enter 2
  12. Move Playhead to the beginning
  13. Draw on Video
  14. Move Forward 1 Frame (cmd/ctrl + arrow)
  15. Draw on video
  16. Repeat down the Timeline until doodles are done
  17. Repeat to add new doodles or colors
  18. Press Spacebar to preview animations
  19. Open Laye to modify Brush Strokes